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Examples of 'devout' in a Sentence

1. The priest's sermons resonate with the devout congregation.
2. The temple is a place of worship for devout Hindus.
3. Devout Muslims observe Ramadan with fasting and prayer.
4. Devout Christians celebrate Christmas as the birth of Jesus.
5. The devout nun leads a life of prayer and service.
6. He lives a devout life, adhering to his religious principles.
7. The church choir sings hymns that uplift the devout.
8. The devout procession honored the religious festival.
9. Devout Buddhists seek enlightenment through meditation.
10. The mosque is a gathering place for devout Muslims.
11. Devout Jews observe Sabbath as a day of rest and worship.
12. The devout offer blessings and gratitude in their prayers.
13. Her devout faith has sustained her through adversity.
14. The cathedral's beauty inspires devotion among the devout.
15. His devout beliefs led him to become a monk.
16. The devout followers of the religion prayed together in the temple.
17. She was raised in a devout family that placed a strong emphasis on spirituality.
18. The priest was admired for his devout commitment to his faith.
19. His devout dedication to meditation brought him inner peace.
20. The devout community donated generously to the church's charity programs.
21. She is known for her devout adherence to the teachings of her religion.
22. The nun's devout faith inspired her to devote her life to service.
23. The man's devout love for his family was evident in everything he did.
24. The mosque was filled with devout Muslims during the holy month of Ramadan.
25. The ceremony was conducted by a devout rabbi who led the congregation in prayer.


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