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How to pronounce abscind (audio)

Dictionary definition of abscind

To cut or sever something, often with precision or a deliberate intent.
"The archaeologist used a tiny tool to abscind a shard of pottery from the ruin.

Detailed meaning of abscind

When one abscinds, they separate an object or material by means of a sharp tool or force, creating a clean division. This action implies a deliberate and controlled manner of detachment, suggesting a certain level of expertise or purpose. Whether abscinding a physical object or metaphorically separating ideas or concepts, the verb conveys the idea of a decisive and intentional severance, resulting in a clear and distinct separation between two entities.

Example sentences of abscind

1. As he moved with caution, he prepared to abscind the ornate knot binding the ancient scrolls.
2. "One more erroneous move," warned the surgeon, "and we could abscind a vital nerve."
3. With precision, the jeweler started to abscind a sliver from the diamond to increase its brilliance.
4. To correct the composition, he had to abscind the extraneous branches from his bonsai tree.
5. They had to abscind the damaged section of the spaceship, or else the entire crew could be in danger.
6. "Abscind the excess fat," the chef instructed, "for a leaner and healthier meal."
7. The editor, unsatisfied with the manuscript's ending, suggested they abscind the last chapter entirely.

History and etymology of abscind

The verb 'abscind' has its etymological origins in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'abscindere,' which is a combination of 'ab' (meaning 'away from') and 'scindere' (meaning 'to cut' or 'to tear'). Therefore, 'abscindere' originally meant to cut or sever something, often with a deliberate or precise intent. Over time, this Latin term made its way into the English language as 'abscind,' retaining its fundamental meaning of cutting or severing, especially with a sense of purpose or intention. The etymology of 'abscind' underscores its historical association with the act of deliberate and often careful cutting or severing, highlighting its precision and purposefulness in various contexts.

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Further usage examples of abscind

1. After a thorough analysis, they had to abscind the corrupted data from their research.
2. The gardener's deft hands worked to abscind a diseased branch from the apple tree.
3. He decided to abscind the embellishments from his essay, aiming for simplicity and clarity.
4. To create his masterpiece, the sculptor would abscind unnecessary parts from the marble block.
5. They planned to abscind the decaying beams, ensuring the house's safety.
6. She resolved to abscind the toxic relationships from her life, yearning for peace.
7. "Abscind the redundant code," the software engineer recommended, "to optimize the program's performance."
8. The seamstress had to abscind the excess fabric to perfect the gown's fit.
9. The florist began to abscind the wilted petals from the roses, keeping only the freshest for the bouquet.
10. She decided to abscind the superfluous scenes from her screenplay to improve its pacing.
11. With a swift move, he managed to abscind the burglar's bag from his grasp.
12. To create a stronger narrative, the writer decided to abscind the irrelevant subplots from his novel.


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