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How to pronounce apologue (audio)

Dictionary definition of apologue

A short tale, typically involving animals as characters, that conveys a moral lesson or message.
"The fable is a type of apologue that teaches moral lessons through animal characters."

Detailed meaning of apologue

The story can be fictitious or based on real-life events and is often used to explain or illustrate a particular belief or value. Apologues have been used throughout history as a means of teaching and entertaining, and they continue to be a popular form of literature today. Some famous examples of apologues include Aesop's Fables and George Orwell's Animal Farm, both of which use animal characters to represent human traits and convey important messages.

Example sentences of apologue

1. The teacher shared an intriguing apologue with the students to convey a moral lesson.
2. In ancient cultures, apologues were used as allegorical tales to teach important values.
3. The apologue about the wise old turtle taught us to be patient and steady.
4. The book of Aesop's fables is a treasure trove of timeless apologues.
5. The storyteller's apologue about the industrious ants and the lazy grasshopper captivated the audience.
6. Through the clever use of apologues, the philosopher conveyed complex philosophical ideas in simple stories.

History and etymology of apologue

The noun 'apologue' has its etymological origins in Greek and Latin. It can be traced back to the Greek word 'apologos,' which means 'a story' or 'a tale,' and the Latin term 'apologia,' which means 'a defense' or 'an explanation.' Over time, in English, 'apologue' came to refer to a short narrative, often involving animals as characters, that conveys a moral lesson or message. Apologues have been used throughout history in various cultures as a means of teaching values, ethics, and life lessons in an engaging and memorable way. These allegorical tales often feature anthropomorphized animals and are designed to impart wisdom and insight, making them a valuable literary and educational tradition.

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Further usage examples of apologue

1. The apologue of the fox and the grapes reminds us not to disparage what we can't attain.
2. Grandparents often share apologues from their childhood to pass on traditional wisdom.
3. The apologue of the two wolves within us illustrates the battle between good and evil.
4. The ancient apologue of the blind men and the elephant teaches us about perspective.
5. As a literary device, an apologue can offer profound insights into the human condition.
6. The apologue of the lion and the mouse teaches us the value of compassion, regardless of size.
7. The writer used an apologue to explore societal issues while engaging the reader's imagination.
8. The apologue of the tortoise and the hare illustrates the importance of consistent effort.
9. The apologue of the fisherman and the golden fish warns against unchecked greed.
10. The cultural heritage of many civilizations includes apologues that have been passed down for generations.
11. The apologue of the boy who cried wolf emphasizes the consequences of dishonesty.
12. Modern authors continue to create thought-provoking apologues to comment on contemporary issues.
13. In his speech, the leader employed an apologue to inspire unity and collaboration among his followers.
14. Through the medium of apologue, the playwright challenged societal norms and questioned authority.


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