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How to pronounce smitten (audio)


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Dictionary definition of smitten

Deeply affected with or struck by a profound and overwhelming feeling of infatuation, admiration, or affection towards someone or something.
"He was absolutely smitten with her from the moment they met."


Detailed meaning of smitten

When someone is "smitten," they are deeply captivated or enchanted by a person, an idea, or an object to the point where their emotions and thoughts are consumed by it. This term is often used in the context of romantic relationships to convey a strong and sudden attraction, as if they were struck or "smitten" by Cupid's arrow. However, it can also apply to a passionate fascination or love for non-romantic subjects, such as a hobby or a place. "Smitten" signifies an intense and often joyous emotional connection that goes beyond mere liking, leading to a sense of being utterly entranced or charmed by whatever has inspired these powerful feelings.

Example sentences containing smitten

1. The smitten couple walked hand in hand through the park.
2. Her smile left him smitten every time he saw it.
3. They were both completely smitten with their new puppy.
4. The young man couldn't hide the fact that he was smitten.
5. She felt smitten by the charm and charisma of her date.
6. Their smitten expressions told everyone they were in love.

History and etymology of smitten

The adjective 'smitten' has its origins in Old English, where it was originally used in the form of 'smitan,' meaning 'to strike' or 'to smite.' It shares its root with the word 'smite,' which is often associated with hitting or striking something. Over time, 'smitten' underwent a transformation in meaning, coming to describe the feeling of being deeply affected or struck by a profound and overwhelming emotion, particularly infatuation, admiration, or affection towards someone or something. The etymology of 'smitten' thus carries the imagery of being emotionally struck or hit by the intensity of one's feelings, conveying the powerful and often sudden nature of such emotions.

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Further usage examples of smitten

1. He couldn't stop thinking about the girl who had left him smitten.
2. The smitten groom looked lovingly at his bride during the ceremony.
3. The two of them were utterly smitten with each other.
4. She was smitten with her new puppy from the moment she saw him.
5. She was smitten by the beauty of the sunset over the ocean.
6. Her smitten reaction to the surprise party was heartwarming.
7. The musician's talent had the audience smitten with admiration.
8. He felt smitten by the warmth of her personality.
9. Their smitten friends teased them about being inseparable.
10. The romantic movie left the audience feeling smitten with love.
11. Even after years of marriage, he was still smitten with his wife.
12. The charming café left them both smitten with its ambiance.
13. The unexpected kindness of the stranger left her smitten with gratitude.
14. His smitten expression gave away his feelings for her.
15. They were both smitten with the idea of spending their lives together.



infatuated, indifferent, uninterested, detached


Suffix -en, Excellence and Virtue, Attraction and Allure, Convoluted and Cryptic, Seduction and Allure, Emotional Turmoil and Tension, Love and Sex

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