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How to pronounce enamored (audio)

Dictionary definition of enamored

Infatuated or captivated by someone or something.
"She found herself deeply enamored by the eloquence of his words."

Detailed meaning of enamored

When someone is enamored, they have developed a strong affection, fascination, or adoration for a person, an idea, or an object. It signifies a state of being deeply in love or greatly charmed by someone or something. Being enamored often involves feeling intense emotions of attraction, admiration, or desire. It can also imply a sense of being enchanted or enraptured by the qualities or characteristics of someone or something. The term "enamored" conveys a sense of being smitten or emotionally attached, experiencing a profound sense of delight and attachment towards the object of one's enamorment.

Example sentences containing enamored

1. She was completely enamored with the breathtaking sunset.
2. He couldn't help but feel enamored by her infectious laughter.
3. The young couple looked enamored as they held hands and walked along the beach.
4. The artist was enamored with the vibrant colors of the painting.
5. They were instantly enamored with the adorable puppy at the shelter.
6. The child was enamored by the magical performance of the magician.

History and etymology of enamored

The adjective 'enamored' has its roots in Old French, specifically the word 'enamour,' which combines 'en,' meaning 'in,' and 'amour,' meaning 'love.' This etymology highlights the idea of being deeply and passionately 'in love' with someone or something. To be enamored is to experience a profound affection or infatuation, often characterized by intense fascination or captivation. Thus, the term 'enamored' traces its origins to the concept of being wholly immersed in the emotion of love or admiration, conveying a sense of enchantment and deep attachment.

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Further usage examples of enamored

1. He was enamored by the beauty and grace of the ballerina's performance.
2. The traveler was enamored by the rich cultural heritage of the foreign country.
3. She couldn't deny being enamored by the charismatic charm of the new colleague.
4. The audience was enamored by the powerful vocals of the singer on stage.
5. The writer was enamored by the profound wisdom and insights of the philosopher.
6. She was utterly enamored by the breathtaking sunset over the ocean.
7. The audience was visibly enamored of the talented young pianist.
8. He found himself enamored with the charm and wit of his new colleague.
9. The children were truly enamored with the playful puppies.
10. The world seemed brighter when he was enamored with life's beauty.
11. She became enamored with the idea of traveling the world.
12. He couldn't help but feel enamored by her radiant smile.
13. The novelist was enamored by the enchanting landscapes of Tuscany.
14. Their love story left everyone enamored with the power of romance.
15. The chef's culinary skills left diners enamored with each dish.
16. She was deeply enamored with the melodies of classical music.
17. The explorer was enamored by the mysteries of the Amazon rainforest.
18. They were enamored with the idea of spending eternity together.
19. The architect was enamored with the beauty of historic buildings.
20. He became enamored with the adrenaline rush of extreme sports.
21. The museum's artifacts left visitors enamored with history.
22. The couple was enamored with each other's kindness and generosity.
23. She was enamored with the idea of a life filled with adventure.
24. The students were enamored with their inspiring teacher's wisdom.
25. He found himself enamored by the simplicity of rural living.



infatuated, indifferent, disenchanted, repelled


Prefix en-, Attraction and Allure, Enjoyment and Indulgence, Love and Sex

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