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How to pronounce carnal (audio)

Dictionary definition of 'carnal'

Relating to or based on physical, sensual, or sexual desires and pleasures.
"The movie was criticized for its excessive focus on carnal desires."

Detailed meaning of 'carnal'

It can describe a person's physical or sexual appetites, desires, or behavior, as well as anything that is related to the body or flesh. The term 'carnal' is often associated with sexual desire and pleasure, and is sometimes used in a negative context to imply something that is crude or immoral. However, it can also be used in a neutral or positive sense to describe a healthy appreciation for physical sensations and pleasures. In some religious or spiritual contexts, the term 'carnal' is used to refer to anything that is worldly or sinful, as opposed to spiritual or divine. Overall, the adjective 'carnal' suggests a focus on the physical and material aspects of life, especially in regards to sexual desire and pleasure.

History and etymology of 'carnal'

The adjective 'carnal' has its roots in Latin, deriving from the word 'carnalis,' which means 'pertaining to the flesh' or 'related to the body.' This Latin term is closely connected to 'caro,' meaning 'flesh.' Over time, 'carnal' made its way into Middle English as 'carnel,' and later evolved into the modern form we use today. The etymology of 'carnal' underscores its association with physicality, sensuality, and the desires and pleasures of the body. It aptly describes those aspects of human experience and desire that are intimately connected to our physical nature, particularly in the context of sensual or sexual desires and pleasures.

Example sentences containing 'carnal'

1. The couple's carnal chemistry was undeniable.
2. They explored their carnal desires in secret.
3. The artist's work often delved into the realm of the carnal.
4. Carnal satisfaction was their only goal that night.
5. His eyes were filled with carnal hunger.
6. The dancer's moves were a celebration of the carnal.
7. Their carnal relationship was passionate but complicated.
8. The play explored the boundaries of carnal desire.
9. He was consumed by his carnal fantasies.
10. The allure of carnal pleasures was irresistible.
11. Their carnal encounters left them craving more.
12. The party had an atmosphere of wild, carnal revelry.
13. The book delved into the complexities of human carnal nature.
14. Their love was a fiery, carnal embrace of desire.
15. The novel contained explicit descriptions of carnal acts.
16. She was consumed by carnal thoughts.
17. The painting was said to depict carnal pleasure.
18. He was driven by carnal instincts.
19. The man was arrested for committing a carnal act with a minor.
20. She was accused of using her carnal charms to influence men.
21. He indulged in carnal pleasures during his vacation.
22. The poem explored the theme of carnal love.
23. The sculpture depicted a carnal embrace.
24. The song had lyrics that were suggestive of carnal desire.



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