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How to pronounce lecherous (audio)

Dictionary definition of lecherous

Displaying excessive or uncontrolled sexual desire, often with a focus on gratifying their own lustful urges rather than genuine emotional connections.
"The lecherous conduct of the politician tarnished his reputation and led to a loss of public support."

Detailed meaning of lecherous

A lecherous person is characterized by their persistent and unwelcome advances, lascivious behavior, and a lack of respect for boundaries and consent. They may engage in explicit or inappropriate sexual comments, gestures, or actions, often making others feel uncomfortable or objectified. The term "lecherous" implies a predatory nature, as the individual tends to view others solely as sexual objects rather than individuals deserving of respect and autonomy. It suggests a morally objectionable and exploitative mindset, emphasizing the person's indulgence in their sexual appetites without regard for the well-being or dignity of others. Society often condemns lecherous behavior as it violates social norms, disrupts healthy relationships, and undermines trust and mutual respect.

Example sentences containing lecherous

1. The lecherous boss was known for his unwanted advances towards his female employees.
2. The lecherous old man made inappropriate comments to every woman he encountered.
3. She felt uncomfortable and unsafe in the presence of his lecherous gaze.
4. His lecherous behavior at the party caused many to feel disgusted and violated.
5. The lecherous character in the film was portrayed as a villain due to his predatory nature.
6. She quickly distanced herself from the lecherous individual who approached her at the bar.

History and etymology of lecherous

The adjective 'lecherous' has its roots in the Middle English word 'lecher,' which meant a person who indulges in excessive sexual desire. This Middle English term was further influenced by the Old French word 'lechere,' which had a similar meaning. The origin of 'lecherous' ultimately points to the Latin word 'lecherus' or 'lecher,' which meant lustful or given to sexual excess. 'Lecherous' describes someone who displays excessive or uncontrolled sexual desire, often with a focus on gratifying their own lustful urges rather than forming genuine emotional connections. Its etymology underscores the historical recognition of this aspect of human behavior, reflecting the language's capacity to capture the nuances of human desires and behaviors over time.

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Further usage examples of lecherous

1. The lecherous professor faced disciplinary action for his inappropriate relationships with students.
2. His lecherous reputation preceded him, making many wary of his company.
3. The lecherous advances from her neighbor made her dread being alone in her own home.
4. The lecherous remarks he made in public earned him widespread condemnation and social isolation.
5. She refused to tolerate the lecherous behavior of her coworker and reported him to HR.
6. His lecherous advances made her uncomfortable at the party.
7. She was disgusted by his lecherous comments.
8. The movie portrayed the villain as a lecherous character.
9. The lecherous old man made inappropriate remarks.
10. He had a reputation for being lecherous around women.
11. She avoided his lecherous gaze throughout the meeting.
12. His lecherous behavior led to multiple harassment complaints.
13. The lecherous boss created a hostile work environment.
14. The novel's antagonist was a lecherous seducer.
15. The lecherous king pursued women relentlessly.
16. His lecherous intentions were evident in his actions.
17. The lecherous character was met with disdain by the townsfolk.
18. She refused to tolerate his lecherous advances.
19. The lecherous professor was eventually fired for misconduct.
20. His lecherous reputation preceded him wherever he went.
21. The lecherous predator was finally brought to justice.
22. She confronted him about his lecherous behavior.
23. The lecherous stranger's advances were unwelcome.
24. The lecherous plotline in the book was controversial.
25. His lecherous nature made it difficult for him to maintain relationships.



lascivious, chaste, modest, pure


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