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How to pronounce choreography (audio)

Dictionary Definition of 'choreography'

The art of creating and arranging dance movements and patterns.
"Choreography can be created for stage performances, music videos, and films."

Detailed Meaning of 'choreography'

It involves the planning and structuring of a dance performance, including the selection of music, the choice of steps and movements, and the coordination of dancers. Choreographers use various techniques to create their works, including improvisation, collaboration, and the use of specific dance notation systems. The choreography can be created for a variety of dance styles, such as ballet, modern, hip-hop, and contemporary, as well as for different settings, such as stage performances, music videos, and films. A choreographer may work independently or as part of a dance company, and may also be involved in the training and rehearsals of dancers. Choreography is an important aspect of the dance performance, as it helps to bring the music and the dancers together to create a cohesive and visually striking performance.

History and Etymology of 'choreography'

The noun 'choreography' has its etymological roots in Greek. It is derived from the combination of two Greek words, 'khoros,' meaning 'dance' or 'chorus,' and 'graphein,' meaning 'to write' or 'to record.' When combined, 'choreography' literally means 'dance-writing' or 'the written notation of dance.' In its earliest usage, choreography referred to the practice of recording dance movements and patterns in written form. Over time, it evolved to encompass the broader art of creating and arranging dance movements and sequences, including the choreographer's role in shaping the artistic vision, rhythm, and expression of a dance performance. Today, 'choreography' remains a crucial element in the world of dance, theater, and performance, emphasizing the planning and composition of dance routines and sequences.

Examples of 'choreography' in a Sentence

1. The choreography for the ice-skating routine was designed to showcase the skater's technical skills.
2. Choreography can be influenced by many different styles and cultures, creating a diverse range of dance forms.
3. The choreography for the contemporary dance piece was inspired by the emotions and experiences of the dancers.
4. Choreography can be used to tell a story or convey a message through movement.
5. The choreographer used a blend of traditional and contemporary dance techniques to create an innovative choreography.
6. The choreography of the ballet was breathtakingly beautiful.
7. She won an award for her innovative choreography in the dance competition.
8. The choreography for the musical impressed both the cast and audience.
9. The dance troupe practiced their choreography tirelessly.
10. Creating choreography that tells a story is a unique skill.
11. The choreography of the salsa dance was lively and energetic.
12. The choreography of the synchronized swimming routine was flawless.
13. He excelled in the precision and grace of ballet choreography.
14. The choreography workshop attracted dancers from all over.
15. The complexity of the modern dance choreography challenged the performers.
16. The choreography for the music video was visually stunning.
17. The choreography of the opening ceremony wowed the crowd.
18. The choreography of the fight scenes in the movie was impressive.
19. She pursued a career in choreography, creating memorable performances.
20. The choreography of the hip-hop routine was filled with intricate moves.
21. The choreography class focused on developing individual style.
22. The choreography of the contemporary dance piece was thought-provoking.
23. Choreography is a crucial element in the world of competitive dance.
24. He dedicated his life to the art of choreography, leaving a lasting legacy.





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