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unify, disperse, separate, divide


Collaboration and Teamwork, Wholeness and Completion, Strategic Planning and Execution, Organization and Coordination



How to pronounce consolidate (audio)


Dictionary definition of consolidate

To bring together or combine multiple things into a single, stronger, and more efficient entity.
"The manager's goal is to consolidate all the departments into one cohesive unit."

Detailed meaning of consolidate

Consolidation can refer to various things, depending on the context in which it is used. In finance, consolidation refers to the merger of multiple companies or the combination of multiple financial accounts into one. In politics, consolidation refers to the process of centralizing power and authority in a single governing body. In education, consolidation refers to the process of merging smaller schools into larger ones. In business, consolidation refers to the process of streamlining operations, reducing costs, and increasing efficiency by merging or acquiring smaller companies. Consolidation can also refer to the process of organizing, strengthening and stabilizing something, such as consolidating knowledge, consolidating one's position, or consolidating a debt.

Example sentences containing consolidate

1. The company aims to consolidate its position in the market through strategic partnerships.
2. The team worked hard to consolidate their lead in the final minutes of the game.
3. They plan to consolidate their assets to optimize their financial portfolio.
4. The CEO's strategy is to consolidate operations and reduce overhead costs.
5. The merger will help the two companies consolidate their market share.
6. The government is taking steps to consolidate its power and implement reforms.

History and etymology of consolidate

The verb 'consolidate' has its etymology rooted in the Latin word 'consolidare,' which is a compound of 'con-' and 'solidus.' 'Con-' in Latin signifies 'together,' and 'solidus' means 'solid' or 'firm.' Therefore, 'consolidare' essentially means 'to make solid together' or 'to strengthen and unite.' This etymology aptly reflects the meaning of 'consolidate' as a verb used to bring together or combine multiple things into a single, stronger, and more efficient entity. It emphasizes the idea of solidifying or strengthening the unity of different elements, mirroring its Latin origins where 'con-' denotes the act of joining and 'solidus' conveys the concept of solidity and strength.

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Further usage examples of consolidate

1. The student studied diligently to consolidate their knowledge before the exam.
2. The organization aims to consolidate its influence in the community through outreach programs.
3. The political party seeks to consolidate its voter base through effective campaigning.
4. The landlord decided to consolidate all rental payments into a single monthly bill.
5. The athlete worked hard to consolidate their skills and improve their performance.
6. The technology firm plans to consolidate its various software applications into a unified platform.
7. The manager wants to consolidate the team's efforts to achieve greater efficiency.
8. The financial institution is looking to consolidate its branches to streamline operations.
9. The board of directors voted to consolidate the company's subsidiaries for better management.
10. The government's goal is to consolidate different agencies under a single authority.
11. The university aims to consolidate its research programs to foster collaboration.
12. The city council plans to consolidate public services to reduce costs.
13. The goal is to consolidate all the data from different sources into a central database.
14. The company consolidated its operations to increase efficiency.

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