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How to pronounce apogee (audio)

Dictionary definition of 'apogee'

The pinnacle or the highest point in the development, progress, or success of something,
"The Renaissance is often seen as the apogee of European art and culture."

Detailed meaning of 'apogee'

It represents the moment or stage at which something has reached its utmost excellence, influence, or success. In this context, "apogee" implies the pinnacle of advancement, where all efforts, potential, or qualities have been fully realized and actualized. Just as the apogee in an orbit is the farthest point from the celestial body, metaphorical apogee is the farthest point from the initial or starting phase of a process, often denoting the most accomplished and impactful state in the evolution of an idea, career, project, or organization.

History and etymology of 'apogee'

The term 'apogee' derives its etymology from the Greek word 'apogaios,' which is a combination of 'apo,' meaning 'away from,' and 'ge,' signifying 'earth' or 'ground.' This word originally had an astronomical context, referring to the point in an orbit when a celestial body, such as the moon or a satellite, is farthest away from the Earth. Over time, the concept of reaching the farthest point evolved metaphorically, and 'apogee' came to symbolize the pinnacle or highest point in the development, progress, or success of something, capturing the idea of being at the peak of achievement or excellence.

Example sentences containing 'apogee'

1. The athlete's incredible performance at the Olympics was the apogee of her career.
2. The construction of the Great Wall of China was the apogee of ancient Chinese engineering.
3. The new skyscraper is set to become the apogee of the city skyline.
4. The chef's signature dish was the apogee of the restaurant's menu.
5. The completion of the Panama Canal represented the apogee of modern engineering in the early 20th century.
6. Winning the championship was the apogee of his athletic career.
7. Her performance in the role reached the apogee of perfection.
8. The company's profits soared to an apogee last quarter.
9. The apogee of their love story was a romantic trip to Paris.
10. At the apogee of the concert, the crowd erupted in applause.
11. The scientist's groundbreaking discovery marked the apogee of her research.
12. Reaching the apogee of his influence, he became a global icon.
13. The apogee of their culinary journey was a Michelin-starred dinner.
14. The entrepreneur's visionary leadership led the company to its apogee.
15. The team's unity reached its apogee during the championship game.
16. Her fame soared to an apogee after the blockbuster movie's release.
17. The apogee of their friendship was a heartfelt reunion.
18. At the apogee of her career, she was a celebrated author.
19. The apogee of their adventure was summiting the towering peak.
20. The apogee of the art exhibition was the unveiling of a masterpiece.
21. The apogee of the festival was a spectacular fireworks display.
22. Reaching the apogee of his power, he made historic decisions.
23. The apogee of their happiness was the birth of their first child.
24. The apogee of their teamwork was a flawless performance.
25. At the apogee of his financial success, he generously gave back to the community.



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