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How to pronounce derisory (audio)

Dictionary definition of derisory

Contemptuously small, insignificant, or laughably inadequate, often to the point of being considered ridiculous or scorn-worthy.
"Her contributions to the project were deemed derisory by her colleagues."

Detailed meaning of derisory

When something is characterized as derisory, it implies a level of mockery or disdain, highlighting the absurdity or inadequacy of the subject. This term can apply to various contexts, such as a derisory salary that is so low it's laughable, a derisory attempt at a complex task that falls far short of expectations, or derisory criticism that is intended to belittle or mock someone or something. "Derisory" underscores the idea of something being deserving of ridicule or scorn due to its triviality, ineffectiveness, or absurdity.

Example sentences containing derisory

1. The salary they offered was derisory, almost an insult.
2. Many found his claims to be nothing but derisory bluster.
3. Her donation was so derisory that it caused a few chuckles.
4. The critic's review was derisory, dismissing the film entirely.
5. Their so-called "solution" was derisory and impractical.
6. He gave her a derisory glance when she shared her idea.

History and etymology of derisory

The adjective 'derisory' has an etymology that aligns with its connotation of being laughably inadequate or scorn-worthy. It originates from the Latin word 'derisius,' which is derived from 'deridere,' meaning 'to mock' or 'to ridicule.' In Latin, 'derisius' described something that was the subject of mockery or ridicule. Over time, 'derisory' entered the English language, and it now characterizes things or actions that are contemptuously small, insignificant, or so laughably inadequate that they may be considered ridiculous or worthy of scorn. The etymology of 'derisory' vividly conveys the idea of mocking or ridiculing something due to its inadequacy or insignificance, emphasizing the element of derision and contempt that often accompanies such descriptions.

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Further usage examples of derisory

1. Their contribution to the project was derisory at best.
2. The team's performance was derisory, hardly worth mentioning.
3. She gave a derisory laugh when told about the rumor.
4. The audience gave a derisory clap after the presentation.
5. His derisory comment about her dress was hurtful.
6. Everyone knew that such a derisory price was a joke.
7. For such a grand event, the turnout was derisory.
8. His attempt to impress was met with derisory snickers.
9. The derisory settlement they proposed was laughably low.
10. Despite the hype, the product's features were derisory.
11. The community's response to the crisis was derisory.
12. She felt that the praise he gave was derisory and insincere.
13. Their effort in cleaning up was derisory, barely noticeable.
14. The fee they charged for that service was derisory.
15. He made a derisory attempt to apologize, lacking sincerity.
16. The resources allocated were derisory, not nearly enough.
17. Their response to the feedback was derisory, brushing it off.
18. The derisory size of the cake made everyone giggle.
19. For a seasoned expert, his advice was surprisingly derisory.



laughable, respectable, commendable, significant


SAT 14 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Scorn and Censure, Criticism and Censure

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