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How to pronounce ensure (audio)


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Dictionary definition of ensure

To take deliberate actions or measures to make certain that something happens or is achieved.
"The parents installed childproof locks on the cabinets to ensure their toddler's safety."


Detailed meaning of ensure

It involves putting in place necessary precautions, strategies, or safeguards to guarantee a particular outcome or result. When we ensure something, we actively take steps to minimize risks, remove uncertainties, and increase the likelihood of success or desired outcome. Ensuring often requires careful planning, thorough evaluation, and implementation of necessary procedures or policies to ensure the fulfillment of a specific objective or to maintain a desired level of quality, safety, or reliability. It implies a proactive approach to guaranteeing the desired outcome and encompasses monitoring, verifying, and adjusting as necessary to ensure that everything proceeds as intended. Whether it involves securing a favorable outcome, maintaining compliance with regulations, or preserving the well-being of individuals or systems, ensuring requires consistent effort and attention to detail to minimize potential problems and maximize the likelihood of success.

Example sentences containing ensure

1. The company implemented strict quality control measures to ensure the products meet the highest standards.
2. Please double-check the documents to ensure there are no errors or omissions.
3. The teacher conducted regular assessments to ensure that students were understanding the material.
4. Wearing a seatbelt in the car can help ensure your safety in case of an accident.
5. The company hired additional staff to ensure prompt customer service.
6. The chef tasted the dish multiple times to ensure the flavors were perfectly balanced.

History and etymology of ensure

The verb 'ensure' has its origins in the Old French word 'enseurer,' which was formed by combining 'en-' meaning 'in' or 'make' and 'seur' meaning 'sure' or 'secure.' This etymology conveys the idea of taking deliberate actions or measures to make something 'sure' or 'certain.' It implies a sense of providing security and confidence in the outcome of a particular situation. Over time, 'ensure' has evolved to represent the act of taking steps to guarantee or make certain that something happens or is achieved, emphasizing the assurance and reliability associated with the efforts taken to ensure a desired result.

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Further usage examples of ensure

1. The security guard patrols the premises to ensure the safety of the building and its occupants.
2. The team conducted thorough research to ensure the accuracy of their findings.
3. The hotel implemented strict sanitation protocols to ensure the cleanliness of guest rooms.
4. The IT department regularly backs up the data to ensure its protection against any potential loss.
5. The organization provided training sessions to ensure employees were equipped with the necessary skills for their roles.
6. I will ensure your safety during the adventurous expedition.
7. To succeed, diligent preparation will ensure your victory.
8. We must ensure all documents are properly filed.
9. Quality control measures ensure product reliability.
10. Regular exercise can ensure a healthy lifestyle.
11. Please ensure your seatbelt is fastened for takeoff.
12. To avoid delays, ensure your paperwork is complete.
13. Proper training will ensure job performance.
14. Vaccinations help ensure community health.
15. Secure passwords ensure online privacy.
16. Follow these steps to ensure project success.
17. Legal counsel will ensure compliance with regulations.
18. Planning ahead will ensure a smooth transition.
19. Double-checking will ensure accuracy in your work.
20. Their partnership will ensure mutual growth.
21. Adequate funding will ensure project completion.
22. Communication is key to ensure team cohesion.
23. Regular maintenance will ensure equipment longevity.
24. Let's ensure everyone understands the instructions.
25. Early intervention can ensure problem resolution.



guarantee, jeopardize, endanger, risk


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