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torture, comfort, soothe, relieve


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How to pronounce excruciate (audio)


Dictionary definition of excruciate

To subject someone to intense physical or mental pain or agony.
"The agonizing headache continued to excruciate her throughout the night."

Detailed meaning of excruciate

It entails causing extreme suffering or torment to an individual, often through severe or prolonged means. When someone is excruciated, they experience excruciating pain that is excruciatingly intense or unbearable. This can be inflicted through various methods, such as physical torture, emotional torment, or psychological anguish. The purpose of excruciation may be to elicit information, exert control, or simply cause immense distress. The term captures the concept of inflicting excruciating pain, where the agony is so severe that it becomes almost unbearable for the person enduring it.

Example sentences containing excruciate

1. His bitter words excruciate her heart, leaving it shattered.
2. The scorching heat from the desert sun can excruciate even the most seasoned explorers.
3. The physical therapy sessions excruciate him, but he knows they are necessary for his recovery.
4. The lingering pain from the accident continues to excruciate her, hindering her daily activities.
5. She could see the guilt excruciate him as he confessed to his mistake.
6. The harsh treatment of prisoners is intended to excruciate and break their will.

History and etymology of excruciate

The verb 'excruciate' has its roots in Latin and carries a powerful etymological history. It originates from the Latin word 'excruciare,' which is a combination of 'ex,' meaning 'out of' or 'thoroughly,' and 'cruciare,' derived from 'crux,' meaning 'cross.' In ancient times, crucifixion was a brutal and agonizing form of execution involving the victim being affixed to a cross. The term 'excruciate' emerged from this grim context, and it initially referred to the excruciating pain and torment experienced during crucifixion. Over time, the word broadened in its usage to encompass any form of intense physical or mental suffering, capturing the essence of subjecting someone to extreme agony. Thus, the etymology of 'excruciate' vividly illustrates its historical association with excruciating pain and torment.

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Further usage examples of excruciate

1. His disregard for her feelings didn't just hurt, it excruciated.
2. Loud noises excruciate my ears due to my hyperacusis condition.
3. They decided to walk the entire distance, not knowing it would excruciate their legs.
4. Chronic back pain excruciates me if I stand for long periods.
5. The constant nagging from her boss excruciated her to the point of resignation.
6. The athlete's injury continued to excruciate him throughout the game.
7. His guilt over the accident would excruciate him for years.
8. The dentist's drill seemed to excruciate the patient's nerves.
9. The anticipation of the exam began to excruciate her mind.
10. The constant noise outside excruciated his ability to concentrate.
11. The relentless migraines would excruciate her on a regular basis.
12. The thought of losing his job would excruciate his anxiety.
13. The tightrope walker knew one wrong step could excruciate him.
14. The breakup with his longtime love began to excruciate his heart.
15. The arduous hike started to excruciate her tired legs.
16. The weight of the secret began to excruciate his conscience.
17. The endless waiting in the hospital room would excruciate anyone.
18. Her criticism continued to excruciate his self-esteem.
19. The harsh criticism from the coach began to excruciate the player.
20. The never-ending traffic jam seemed to excruciate his patience.
21. The chronic back pain would excruciate him, day in and day out.
22. The relentless noise from the construction site would excruciate us.
23. The uncertainty of the future began to excruciate her hopes.
24. The suspense in the thriller novel excruciated the reader's curiosity.
25. The haunting memories of the accident would excruciate him in his dreams.

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