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How to pronounce farrago (audio)

Dictionary definition of farrago

A disorganized, confused, or jumbled mixture or medley of various elements, often with little or no coherence.
"The news article was a farrago of rumors and false information."

Detailed meaning of farrago

It describes a chaotic assortment of things, such as ideas, information, or objects, that are combined in a haphazard or disorderly manner. When something is described as a farrago, it typically lacks a clear structure or logical arrangement, making it difficult to understand or navigate. This term can be used to criticize or highlight the disorderliness of a situation or composition, emphasizing the lack of order or purpose in the mishmash of elements it represents.

Example sentences containing farrago

1. His speech was a farrago of rambling and nonsensical statements.
2. The play was a farrago of slapstick comedy and witty one-liners.
3. The essay was criticized for being a farrago of different ideas that lacked coherence.
4. The novel was a farrago of genres, blending science fiction, romance, and horror.
5. The politician's speech was a farrago of promises that she would later fail to keep.
6. The chef's experimental dish was a farrago of flavors that didn't quite work together.

History and etymology of farrago

The noun 'farrago' has a fascinating etymological history rooted in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'farrago,' which literally meant 'mixed fodder' or 'a mixture of grains and feed for livestock.' This term was formed from 'far,' meaning 'grain' or 'food,' and 'ago,' meaning 'to drive' or 'to lead.' In its original usage, 'farrago' referred to a hodgepodge mixture of grains and feed given to animals. Over time, this notion of a jumbled and disorganized mixture was metaphorically extended to describe any confused or disorderly assortment of various elements, often with little or no coherence. Therefore, when we use the term 'farrago' in modern English, it signifies a chaotic and jumbled medley of different things that lack order or structure, much like the mixed fodder it originally described.

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Further usage examples of farrago

1. The artist's painting was a farrago of colors and textures, creating a chaotic but compelling image.
2. The film was a farrago of action scenes, special effects, and confusing plot twists.
3. The researcher's report was criticized for being a farrago of outdated and unreliable sources.
4. The conversation was a farrago of topics, ranging from politics to pop culture.
5. The social media post was a farrago of memes and jokes that went viral.
6. His speech at the conference was a farrago of unrelated anecdotes, statistics, and personal anecdotes, leaving the audience confused.
7. The report on the environmental impact of the project was a farrago of conflicting information, making it difficult to assess its true consequences.
8. Her art installation, consisting of a farrago of colors and shapes, aimed to challenge conventional notions of beauty and order.
9. The party playlist turned out to be a farrago of music genres, from classical to hip-hop, appealing to guests with diverse tastes.
10. The essay he submitted was a farrago of ideas, lacking a clear thesis or logical structure.
11. The conversation among the group of friends became a farrago of voices and opinions, making it hard to follow the discussion.
12. The room, with its mismatched furniture and eclectic decor, resembled a farrago of design styles.
13. The movie attempted to be a farrago of genres, blending comedy and drama with elements of science fiction and romance.
14. The menu at the new restaurant offered a farrago of international cuisines, from Mexican to Japanese, catering to a diverse clientele.
15. Her fashion choices often resulted in a farrago of patterns and colors, reflecting her bold and eclectic style.
16. The novel, with its multitude of characters and subplots, resembled a farrago of stories within a larger narrative.
17. The event, meant to be a celebration, turned into a farrago of unexpected surprises and mishaps, keeping guests entertained.
18. The garden was a farrago of flowers and shrubs, creating a riot of colors and scents.
19. The recipe she concocted was a farrago of ingredients and flavors, resulting in a unique and delicious dish.
20. The scientific experiment, while well-intentioned, resulted in a farrago of data that was challenging to interpret.



mishmash, order, uniformity, homogeneity


GRE 10 (Graduate Record Examination), Convoluted and Cryptic, Puzzlement and Perplexity

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