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senseless, intelligent, sensible, rational


Conduct and Character, Scorn and Censure, Mockery and Insults



How to pronounce idiotic (audio)


Dictionary definition of idiotic

Displaying extreme foolishness, lack of intelligence, or irrationality.
"It was an idiotic decision to jump off the bridge into the shallow water below."

Detailed meaning of idiotic

It refers to actions, ideas, or behavior that are considered extremely silly, senseless, or absurd. When something is described as idiotic, it implies a complete disregard for logic, reason, or common sense. It often denotes a level of incompetence or stupidity that is difficult to comprehend or understand. The term can be applied to a wide range of situations, from simple mistakes and blunders to more profound acts of imprudence or idiocy. It suggests a lack of critical thinking or judgment and is often used to express strong disapproval or disbelief. Overall, the adjective "idiotic" characterizes actions, ideas, or behavior that are exceptionally foolish, irrational, or lacking in basic intelligence.

Example sentences containing idiotic

1. His idiotic decision to jump off the roof resulted in a broken leg.
2. She made an idiotic mistake by leaving her passport at home before the international flight.
3. The politician's idiotic remarks caused a public outcry.
4. I can't believe he wasted all his money on that idiotic online scam.
5. It was an idiotic move to try and pet a wild bear.
6. The driver's idiotic behavior caused a major accident on the highway.

History and etymology of idiotic

The adjective 'idiotic' is rooted in the same origin as the noun 'idiot,' both stemming from the Greek word 'idiotes,' which referred to a private citizen or layperson, often implying a lack of specialized knowledge or skills. In ancient Greece, an 'idiotes' was someone who did not participate in public affairs and was seen as lacking the expertise required for political or intellectual engagement. Over time, the term took on a more derogatory sense, coming to signify extreme foolishness, lack of intelligence, or irrationality. Therefore, the etymology of 'idiotic' underscores its historical connection to the idea of an individual lacking in intellectual or practical abilities, which has evolved into its contemporary usage to describe actions or behaviors characterized by extreme foolishness or irrationality.

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Further usage examples of idiotic

1. She wore an idiotic outfit that drew everyone's attention.
2. His idiotic comment during the meeting offended several colleagues.
3. The movie's plot was so idiotic that I walked out of the theater.
4. It's idiotic to think you can survive in the wilderness without any survival skills.
5. The prank they played on their friend was mean and idiotic.
6. I can't believe I fell for his idiotic excuses.
7. The contestant's idiotic answer on the game show became an instant viral sensation.
8. The CEO's idiotic decision led to the company's downfall.
9. He had an idiotic grin on his face after pulling off a dangerous stunt.
10. It was an idiotic move to trust a stranger with your personal information.
11. The comedian's idiotic jokes fell flat with the audience.
12. The politician's idiotic policies were widely criticized by the opposition.
13. Her idiotic behavior at the party embarrassed her friends.
14. I regret making that idiotic purchase; it was a complete waste of money.

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