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How to pronounce impeach (audio)


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Dictionary definition of impeach

To officially charge and try a public official, such as a president or governor, with wrongdoing while in office.
"The House of Representatives can impeach government officials for misconduct."

Detailed meaning of impeach

This process is a constitutional mechanism provided in order to ensure that government officials are held accountable for their actions. Impeachment proceedings begin in the legislative branch, typically with the House of Representatives, which decides whether to bring formal charges based on evidence presented by investigators or prosecutors. If the official is impeached, the case then goes to the Senate for trial, where the official may be removed from office if found guilty. Impeachment is a serious step and should only be taken in cases of significant malfeasance or other serious violations of the public trust.

Example sentences containing impeach

1. They gather votes to impeach the mayor for his unethical use of public funds.
2. Senators may soon impeach the governor if evidence of fraud becomes clear.
3. To impeach a president requires substantial proof of gross misconduct acts.
4. Citizens petitioned to impeach the leader amidst corruption allegations loud.
5. The opposition strives to impeach her, claiming severe ethical violations.
6. If proven guilty, the assembly might impeach him for betrayal of trust openly.

History and etymology of impeach

The word 'impeach' has its origins in the late Middle English period, deriving from the Middle English word 'empechen,' which means to hinder or impede. This Middle English term, in turn, was influenced by the Old French word 'empechier,' which means to ensnare or entangle. The Old French word can be traced back to the Latin word 'impedicare,' which is a combination of 'in' (in or into) and 'pedica' (a fetter or shackle). Over time, the meaning of 'impeach' evolved to its current usage, referring to the act of formally accusing a public official of wrongdoing while in office, with the intention of bringing them to trial.

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Further usage examples of impeach

1. Can they impeach a judge with an immaculate record based on hearsay alone?
2. Lawmakers vow to impeach the official amid escalating financial scandals.
3. With proof of wrongdoing, the council has a duty to impeach the incumbent.
4. She faces threats to impeach her amidst alleged abuses of power and control.
5. A campaign to impeach the senator gains momentum as evidence mounts high.
6. The opposition party plans to impeach the president for violating the constitution.
7. The impeachment process requires sufficient evidence of wrongdoing.
8. Congress is discussing whether to impeach the Supreme Court Justice.
9. The committee voted unanimously to impeach the governor.
10. The public demanded their representatives take action and impeach the corrupt senator.
11. It is within the Senate's power to impeach federal judges.
12. The charges brought against the mayor were enough to impeach him from office.
13. The opposition party is pushing for an immediate vote to impeach the vice president.
14. The scandal has created a strong desire among the people to impeach the entire administration.
15. The constitutional lawyer argued against the motion to impeach the senator.
16. The governor's refusal to cooperate with the investigation may lead to his impeachment.
17. The president's approval ratings have dropped significantly since talks of impeachment began.
18. The Senate committee will hold hearings to gather evidence before deciding whether to impeach.
19. The impeachment trial lasted for several weeks before the final vote to impeach.
20. The majority of the public believes it is necessary to impeach the attorney general.
21. The opposition party accuses the secretary of state of abusing their power and calls for impeachment.
22. The motion to impeach the judge failed to gain enough support in the House.
23. The president's legal team is preparing a defense against the impeachment charges.
24. The Speaker of the House announced the decision to move forward with articles of impeachment.



accuse, absolve, exonerate, vindicate


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