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How to pronounce inarguable (audio)

Dictionary definition of inarguable

Beyond dispute, or unquestionable.
"The sun rising in the east is an inarguable fact."

Detailed meaning of inarguable

It refers to a statement, fact, or argument that is so clear, evident, and supported by overwhelming evidence or logic that it cannot be reasonably debated or contradicted. When something is described as inarguable, it implies that there is no room for disagreement or alternative interpretations. It signifies a level of certainty and conclusiveness that leaves no grounds for doubt or argument. Inarguable assertions are often based on objective truths, undeniable evidence, or universally accepted principles. They are regarded as irrefutable and definitive, commanding widespread agreement and acceptance. The inarguable nature of a statement or fact bolsters its credibility, reinforcing the notion that it is beyond question or dispute, and contributes to its perceived authority and reliability.

Example sentences containing inarguable

1. The sun's beauty at dawn is inarguable, painting the sky in hues of gold.
2. Her talent is inarguable, noted by every critic in the city.
3. The law's efficacy was inarguable, reducing crime significantly.
4. His loyalty to the cause is inarguable; he's proven it often.
5. The math solution was inarguable, earning her top marks.
6. His expertise in coding is inarguable; firms seek him out.

History and etymology of inarguable

The adjective 'inarguable' is a combination of the prefix 'in-' (meaning 'not' or 'without') and the word 'arguable,' which itself is derived from the verb 'argue.' 'Argue' comes from the Middle English word 'arguen,' which traces its roots to the Old French term 'arguer' and ultimately to the Latin 'arguere,' meaning 'to make clear' or 'to prove.' When we add the prefix 'in-' to 'arguable,' we create the opposite meaning, indicating something that is not open to dispute or argument and is unquestionable or beyond debate. The etymology of 'inarguable' underscores its role in describing statements, facts, or ideas that are so evident or undeniable that they do not require debate or discussion, emphasizing their self-evident nature.

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Further usage examples of inarguable

1. The dog’s loyalty was inarguable, standing by its owner.
2. Earth's round shape is inarguable, proven by scientists.
3. Their love for each other was inarguable, visible to all.
4. The chef’s skill is inarguable, with each dish a masterpiece.
5. Her integrity was inarguable, respected by all peers.
6. The fact's accuracy is inarguable, backed by solid proof.
7. The novel’s success is inarguable, topping charts globally.
8. It is inarguable that water boils at 100 degrees Celsius at sea level.
9. The evidence presented in court was inarguable and led to a swift conviction.
10. His talent as a musician is inarguable; he captivates audiences with every performance.
11. The team's victory was inarguable; they dominated the game from start to finish.
12. The inarguable truth is that honesty is the best policy.
13. The importance of education for personal growth is inarguable.
14. The destructive power of nuclear weapons is inarguable, leading to international efforts for disarmament.
15. The beauty of the sunset over the ocean was inarguable; it left everyone in awe.
16. The benefits of exercise for physical and mental health are inarguable.
17. The inarguable logic of his argument left no room for counterpoints.
18. The impact of technology on our daily lives is inarguable.
19. It is inarguable that love and compassion are essential for a harmonious society.
20. The historical significance of the event is inarguable; it shaped the course of our nation.
21. The inarguable truth is that everyone deserves equal rights and opportunities.
22. The inarguable brilliance of his artwork garnered international acclaim.
23. The inarguable facts presented in the report left no doubt about the company's financial mismanagement.
24. The inarguable conclusion drawn from the research is that smoking causes serious health problems.



undeniable, disputable, arguable, contestable


Suffix -able, High School 19, SAT 15 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Certainty and Conviction

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