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How to pronounce intolerable (audio)

Dictionary definition of intolerable

Completely unacceptable, unbearable, or impossible to endure.
"The pain in her knee had become intolerable, requiring immediate medical attention."

Detailed meaning of intolerable

It implies a level of extreme discomfort, dissatisfaction, or moral objection that surpasses normal limits. When something is deemed intolerable, it evokes a strong sense of outrage or indignation. Whether it refers to physical pain, emotional distress, injustice, or any form of oppression, the term encapsulates the idea that the situation or behavior is so egregious that it cannot be tolerated or allowed to persist. The notion of intolerability reflects the inherent human desire for fairness, compassion, and a harmonious existence, highlighting the need for prompt action or change to rectify the unacceptable circumstances.

Example sentences containing intolerable

1. The heat in the room was intolerable, making it impossible to concentrate.
2. The boss's constant harassment created an intolerable work environment.
3. The wait time for customer service was intolerable, causing frustration among the callers.
4. The stench coming from the garbage can was simply intolerable.
5. The noise from the construction site next door was intolerable, disturbing the entire neighborhood.
6. The dictator's oppressive regime made life for the citizens intolerable.

History and etymology of intolerable

The adjective 'intolerable' derives its etymology from the Latin word 'intolerabilis,' which combines 'in,' meaning 'not,' and 'tolerabilis,' meaning 'tolerable' or 'endurable.' In essence, it signifies something that is not bearable or impossible to endure. This Latin term was employed to describe circumstances, conditions, or situations that were so harsh, burdensome, or unacceptable that they exceeded the limits of what could be endured or tolerated. Over time, 'intolerable' made its way into the English language, preserving its core meaning of being completely unacceptable or unbearable. Thus, the etymology of 'intolerable' underscores its historical association with situations or conditions that are beyond the threshold of endurance or acceptability.

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Further usage examples of intolerable

1. The lack of basic human rights in the war-torn region was intolerable.
2. The taste of the spoiled milk was intolerable, making me gag.
3. The constant interruptions during the meeting were intolerable, hindering productivity.
4. The discrimination faced by marginalized communities was an intolerable injustice.
5. The level of pollution in the city had reached intolerable levels, posing a serious health risk.
6. The scorching heat made the outdoor conditions intolerable.
7. The constant noise from the construction site was simply intolerable.
8. The injustice of the situation was utterly intolerable.
9. His arrogant behavior at the meeting was completely intolerable.
10. The never-ending traffic jam became increasingly intolerable.
11. The pain in her back was becoming truly intolerable.
12. The delay in getting medical help felt unbearable and intolerable.
13. The company's unethical practices were morally intolerable.
14. The wait for the overdue payment had become intolerable.
15. The cramped airplane seats made the long flight almost intolerable.
16. The betrayal by her closest friend was emotionally intolerable.
17. The slow internet connection was making online work intolerable.
18. The oppressive humidity during the heatwave was intolerable.
19. The lack of clean water in the village was an intolerable situation.
20. The persistent bullying at school had reached an intolerable level.
21. The never-ending bureaucracy made the process seem intolerable.
22. The stench in the garbage dump was utterly intolerable.
23. The constant barking of the neighbor's dog was becoming intolerable.
24. The unbearable pain in his tooth made sleep almost intolerable.
25. The feeling of isolation during the lockdown became increasingly intolerable.



unbearable, tolerable, acceptable, pleasant


Suffix -able, Annoyance and Irritation, Challenges and Difficulties, Hardship and Suffering

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