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How to pronounce irreproachable (audio)


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Dictionary definition of irreproachable

Faultless, blameless, or beyond criticism or reproach.
"The pilot's safety record was irreproachable, instilling confidence in the passengers."

Detailed meaning of irreproachable

When a person or thing is described as irreproachable, it means that there is nothing wrong or negative about them, and that they meet all standards of excellence and acceptability. Irreproachable behavior is ethical, moral, and upright, and is characterized by a strong sense of integrity and responsibility. Irreproachable actions are those that are commendable and deserve praise, and are seen as exemplary. This can refer to anything from a person's character and behavior, to the quality and performance of a product or service. In general, being irreproachable is seen as a highly desirable quality, as it reflects a strong moral compass, a commitment to excellence, and a respect for the standards of behavior and performance that are valued in a particular community or society.

Example sentences containing irreproachable

1. Her work ethic and professionalism are truly irreproachable.
2. He maintained an irreproachable reputation throughout his career.
3. The chef's culinary skills were considered irreproachable by food critics.
4. Her kindness and generosity were irreproachable qualities.
5. The judge's impartiality in the courtroom was deemed irreproachable.
6. The athlete's sportsmanship was always irreproachable, win or lose.

History and etymology of irreproachable

The adjective 'irreproachable' has an etymology rooted in Latin and French. It can be broken down into two main components: 'ir-' and 'reproachable.' The prefix 'ir-' is derived from the Latin word 'in,' which means 'not' or 'opposite of.' The word 'reproachable' finds its origins in the Old French term 'reprochier,' which comes from the Latin word 'repropiare,' meaning 'to bring into discredit' or 'to blame.' Therefore, when combined, 'irreproachable' carries the connotation of being 'not blameworthy' or 'beyond reproach.' It aptly describes something or someone that is faultless, blameless, or beyond criticism.

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Further usage examples of irreproachable

1. The company's commitment to ethical business practices was seen as irreproachable.
2. His conduct during the crisis was irreproachable and admirable.
3. She carried herself with an irreproachable dignity at all times.
4. The scientist's research methods were irreproachable, adhering to strict standards.
5. The diplomat's negotiation skills were viewed as irreproachable by his peers.
6. His leadership qualities were considered irreproachable by his team.
7. The teacher's dedication to her students was truly irreproachable.
8. The historical figure's integrity was seen as irreproachable by historians.
9. The lawyer's arguments in court were consistently irreproachable.
10. The politician's commitment to transparency was seen as irreproachable.
11. His honesty in financial matters was truly irreproachable.
12. The volunteer's selflessness in helping others was irreproachable.
13. The author's storytelling was characterized by an irreproachable attention to detail.
14. The charity organization's accountability and use of funds were irreproachable.
15. The company's commitment to safety was irreproachable.



flawless, blameworthy, culpable, reproachable


Prefix ir-, Suffix -able, SAT 14 (Scholastic Assessment Test), High School 10, Praise and Respect

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