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How to pronounce jibe (audio)


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Dictionary definition of jibe

A sarcastic or critical remark intended to mock or ridicule someone or something.
"She responded to his jibe with a witty comeback."


Detailed meaning of jibe

In this context, "jibe" is often used synonymously with "barb" or "dig." For example, if someone makes a mistake and their friend responds with a cutting remark about their intelligence, that would be considered a "jibe."

Example sentences containing jibe

1. His sarcastic jibe caught everyone off guard during the meeting.
2. The politician's jibe at his opponent's incompetence drew applause from the audience.
3. She responded to his insult with a clever jibe of her own.
4. The comedian's jibe was met with uproarious laughter from the crowd.
5. The article included a subtle jibe at the celebrity's extravagant lifestyle.
6. He couldn't resist taking a playful jibe at his friend's fashion sense.

History and etymology of jibe

The noun 'jibe' has its etymological roots in nautical terminology. It originates from the Middle English word 'gyben' or 'giben,' which was used in the context of sailing to describe the act of shifting a sail from one side of a ship to the other to catch the wind properly. This maneuver ensured the ship would stay on course and not veer off course. Over time, the term 'jibe' took on a metaphorical meaning, signifying a smooth and harmonious alignment or agreement. However, in the context of language, particularly with the development of sarcasm and ridicule, 'jibe' evolved to represent a sarcastic or critical remark intended to mock or ridicule someone or something, highlighting the idea of verbal alignment for the purpose of ridicule rather than harmony.

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Further usage examples of jibe

1. The jibe about her weight hurt her feelings and dampened her mood.
2. The siblings engaged in friendly jibes, teasing each other affectionately.
3. The talk show host delivered a scathing jibe directed at a controversial figure.
4. The jibe about his intelligence stung, but he brushed it off with a smile.
5. She aimed a well-timed jibe at his lack of punctuality, causing everyone to chuckle.
6. The comedian's jibes at societal norms challenged the audience's perspectives.
7. He often uses self-deprecating jibes to connect with his audience.
8. The reporter's snarky jibe at the politician's integrity didn't go unnoticed.
9. She couldn't help but throw a playful jibe at her friend's taste in music.
10. The jibe about her cooking skills was meant as a joke, but it hit a nerve.
11. The political debate turned heated with candidates exchanging personal jibes.
12. The cartoonist included a clever jibe in his caricature of a well-known public figure.
13. The jibe about his fashion choices earned a good-natured laugh from the group.
14. He felt compelled to retaliate with a sharp jibe after being teased mercilessly.
15. His jibe about her appearance was unnecessary and hurtful.
16. The comedian's jibe at the politician drew laughs from the crowd.
17. The journalist's jibe at the celebrity was met with a stern response.
18. His constant jibes about her work ethic made her feel undervalued.
19. The opposition party's jibe at the ruling government was scathing.
20. Her jibe about his outfit was enough to make him reconsider his fashion choices.
21. The boss's jibe at his employees' productivity was demoralizing.
22. The athlete's jibe at his opponent's training regime was an attempt to psych him out.
23. His jibe about her intelligence was uncalled for and only served to make him look foolish.
24. The sailor expertly adjusted the sails to keep the boat in jibe with the wind.
25. The novice sailor struggled to keep the boat in jibe, causing it to lose speed.



taunt, compliment, praise, agreement


Frustration and Exasperation, Conduct and Character, Correspondence and Understanding, Discomfort and Distress, Vilification and Vitriol, Emotional Extremes and Reactions, Mockery and Insults

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