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How to pronounce likeable (audio)


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Dictionary definition of likeable

Possessing qualities, traits, or characteristics that makes someone easy to be liked, appreciated, or enjoyed by others.
"His sense of humor and easygoing nature make him a likeable person to be around."

Detailed meaning of likeable

When describing a person, "likeable" suggests that they have a pleasant and agreeable nature, attracting positive attention and forming positive connections with others. Likeable individuals often display kindness, empathy, approachability, and a genuine interest in others, making them amiable and easy to relate to. In the context of objects or things, "likeable" suggests that they evoke a positive response, eliciting enjoyment, admiration, or favor from those who encounter or experience them. It implies that there is something about the person or thing that generates positive feelings, engenders affinity, and leaves a favorable impression. The adjective "likeable" conveys an inherent charm or appeal that contributes to forming positive connections and fostering a sense of affinity or fondness.

Example sentences containing likeable

1. She has a warm and friendly personality, making her very likeable.
2. The puppy's playful and affectionate nature makes it incredibly likeable.
3. The movie's relatable characters and engaging storyline make it highly likeable.
4. The singer's catchy melodies and charismatic stage presence make her likeable to a wide audience.
5. The book's witty dialogue and charming protagonist make it a likeable read.
6. The restaurant's cozy ambiance and attentive service contribute to its likeable atmosphere.

History and etymology of likeable

The word 'likeable' finds its etymological roots in the Middle English term 'likable,' which emerged in the 15th century. The suffix '-able' in 'likeable' is derived from the Old French '-able,' signifying 'capable of' or 'worthy of.' Meanwhile, the word 'like' in this context hails from the Old English word 'lician,' meaning 'to please' or 'to be pleasing.' Thus, when we break down the etymology of 'likeable,' we see that it essentially means 'capable of being pleasing' or 'worthy of being appreciated or enjoyed by others.'

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Further usage examples of likeable

1. The politician's charisma and ability to connect with voters make him a likeable candidate.
2. The company's customer-centric approach and quality products make it likeable among consumers.
3. The teacher's enthusiasm and ability to connect with students make her likeable in the classroom.
4. The TV show's talented cast and relatable storylines make it incredibly likeable.
5. The artist's vibrant and uplifting artwork is easily likeable by art enthusiasts.
6. Her warm smile and kind nature make her incredibly likeable.
7. His sense of humor and approachability make him a likeable colleague.
8. The likeable protagonist of the story quickly won over readers.
9. The politician's charisma and relatability made him quite likeable.
10. The puppy's playful antics made it an instantly likeable pet.
11. She has a likeable personality that draws people towards her.
12. The character's likeable quirks endeared him to the audience.
13. His humility and generosity make him a truly likeable person.
14. The film's likeable cast made it an enjoyable experience.
15. The restaurant's friendly staff contributed to its likeable atmosphere.
16. The team captain's leadership skills made her a likeable figure.
17. Her down-to-earth attitude is one of her most likeable qualities.
18. The book's likeable heroine faced many challenges with grace.
19. The comedian's likeable humor resonated with a wide audience.
20. The teacher's patience and empathy made her highly likeable.
21. The character's likeable flaws added depth to the storyline.
22. The politician's likeable policies garnered widespread support.
23. The band's catchy tunes and relatable lyrics are very likeable.
24. The children found the clown at the party to be incredibly likeable.
25. His likeable charm makes it easy to connect with him.



charming, unappealing, disagreeable, unpleasant


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