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threat, safeguard, protector, ally


Discipline and Self-Control, Conflict and Disagreement, Danger and Threat, Hegemony and Hierarchies, Emotional Intensity and Reactions, Hostility and Brutality, Middle School 14, Hostility and Opposition



How to pronounce menace (audio)


Dictionary definition of menace

A person, thing, or situation that poses a threat, danger, or potential harm to others or to the general well-being of a community or society.
"The criminal was considered a menace to society."

Detailed meaning of menace

A menace can manifest in various forms, from individuals with malicious intentions to looming natural disasters or even social issues that undermine safety and security. It implies a sense of imminent peril or harm, often provoking fear, concern, or the need for precautionary measures. 'Menace' underscores the idea that the subject in question has the capacity to cause harm or disruption, making it a term used to describe anything that poses a significant and tangible threat to the stability and safety of people and their surroundings.

Example sentences containing menace

1. The dark figure lurking in the shadows was a menacing presence.
2. The aggressive dog growled and bared its teeth, clearly a menace to anyone nearby.
3. The serial killer was a menace to society, leaving a trail of fear and destruction.
4. The heavy storm brought with it a menacing cloud formation, signaling an impending danger.
5. The graffiti on the wall was a visual menace, defacing the neighborhood's beauty.
6. The reckless driver posed a menace on the road, endangering the lives of others.

History and etymology of menace

The noun 'menace' has its etymological origins in the Latin word 'minacia,' which is derived from 'minae,' meaning 'threats' or 'dangers.' In Latin, 'minacia' referred to the act of threatening or something that posed a threat or danger. This term gradually made its way into Middle English as 'menace,' retaining its essential meaning of a person, thing, or situation that poses a threat, danger, or potential harm to others or to the general well-being of a community or society. The etymology of 'menace' underscores its historical association with threats and dangers, making it a fitting word to describe entities or circumstances that carry the potential to harm or disrupt the safety and security of individuals or communities.

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Further usage examples of menace

1. The invasive species became a menace to the local ecosystem, disrupting the natural balance.
2. The cybercriminal's hacking activities were a constant menace to online security.
3. The menacing letter left on her doorstep filled her with a sense of fear and unease.
4. The gang's presence in the neighborhood was a constant menace, causing fear among residents.
5. The school bully was a menace to the students, tormenting them daily.
6. The drug cartel posed a significant menace to law enforcement agencies, engaging in violence and drug trafficking.
7. The high crime rate in the city made it a menace to its residents, affecting their sense of safety.
8. The poisonous snake slithered through the grass, a hidden menace waiting to strike.
9. The reckless use of fireworks became a menace during the holiday season, causing injuries and property damage.
10. The corrupt politician was a menace to democracy, abusing power for personal gain.
11. The swarm of locusts descending on the crops was a agricultural menace, threatening livelihoods.
12. The polluted river became a menace to aquatic life, causing ecosystem degradation.
13. The spreading wildfire in the dry forest posed a menacing threat to nearby communities.
14. The noise pollution from the construction site became a daily menace, disrupting the peace of the neighborhood.
15. The storm was a menace to the coast, causing widespread damage.
16. The disease was a menace to public health.
17. The gang was a menace to the community, causing fear and violence.
18. The wildfire was a menace to the surrounding towns, forcing evacuations.
19. The invasive species was a menace to the local ecosystem.
20. The terrorist group was a menace to national security.
21. The drug trafficking organization was a menace to the city.
22. The cyber attack was a menace to the country's infrastructure.
23. The bully was a menace to the other students, making them feel unsafe.
24. The political leader's rhetoric was a menace to democracy.
25. The air pollution was a menace to human health.

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