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How to pronounce neurotic (audio)


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Dictionary definition of neurotic

Characteristic of being overly anxious, worrisome, or excessively preoccupied with one's own thoughts and emotions.
"He had a neurotic tendency to overthink every decision, no matter how trivial."

Detailed meaning of neurotic

It typically describes individuals who display a tendency to experience heightened levels of stress, insecurity, and irrational fears, often leading to difficulties in coping with everyday situations. Neurotic individuals may frequently engage in repetitive behaviors, such as excessive checking or seeking reassurance, and they may exhibit a tendency to overanalyze and overthink even minor issues. This adjective is often used to describe someone who is prone to excessive self-doubt, mood swings, and emotional instability, which can significantly impact their overall well-being and interpersonal relationships.

Example sentences containing neurotic

1. The neurotic cat would hiss, fearing even the gentle touch of its caring owner.
2. In the quiet room, her neurotic thoughts were almost deafening, a constant hum.
3. Jane’s neurotic tendencies made every decision feel like a monumental task.
4. Neurotic energy fueled his nights, making sleep an elusive, distant dream.
5. Mark, neurotic and tense, analyzed every glance, every word spoken to him.
6. The neurotic poet filled pages with anxious verses, a therapy of sorts.

History and etymology of neurotic

The adjective 'neurotic' has an etymology rooted in the field of psychology. It finds its origins in the Greek word 'neuron,' meaning 'nerve.' The suffix '-otic' is derived from the Greek 'ōtikos,' which pertains to 'related to' or 'pertaining to.' Therefore, when we break it down, 'neurotic' essentially means 'related to or pertaining to the nerves.' This etymology reflects the historical belief that neurotic behaviors were associated with disturbances in the nervous system. Over time, the term has come to describe individuals who display excessive anxiety, worry, and a preoccupation with their own thoughts and emotions, highlighting the connection between psychological states and the nervous system's functioning.

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Further usage examples of neurotic

1. Lisa's neurotic nature made the simple act of relaxing feel entirely foreign.
2. His neurotic mind spun tales of worry with every piece of news heard.
3. Every email sent stirred a neurotic storm of anxiety, awaiting a response.
4. She wore her neurotic fears like heavy chains, each worry another link.
5. The neurotic artist saw critique in every compliment, praise laced with poison.
6. A neurotic aura wrapped him, turning each possibility into a potential threat.
7. Neurotic and wired, Paul read into silences, finding voices in the quiet.
8. His neurotic imagination conjured scenarios, dark theatre of the anxious soul.
9. Beneath the smiles, a neurotic tension bubbled, threatening to spill over.
10. Her laughter, though loud, couldn’t drown the neurotic whispers within.
11. Every unread message, in her neurotic view, was a prelude to disaster.
12. The neurotic writer penned novels, where worry was the ever-present theme.
13. In the neurotic garden of his mind, fear bloomed wild, untamed, unchecked.
14. To the neurotic observer, every shadow danced with unspeakable dangers lurking.
15. The neurotic woman constantly worried about germs and would wash her hands dozens of times a day.
16. The neurotic dog would bark relentlessly at any sudden noise, displaying excessive anxiety.
17. She had a neurotic habit of double-checking her door lock multiple times before leaving the house.
18. The neurotic student would agonize over every test, even if they had prepared thoroughly.
19. His neurotic behavior became evident when he started arranging his belongings in perfect symmetry.
20. The neurotic boss would micromanage every aspect of his employees' work, causing high levels of stress.
21. Despite the calm exterior, she battled with neurotic thoughts that plagued her mind.
22. The neurotic individual was always seeking validation and approval from others.
23. His neurotic need for control made it challenging for him to delegate tasks to his team.
24. The neurotic tendencies caused her to withdraw from social situations, fearing judgment and rejection.
25. The neurotic driver would constantly check the mirrors, fearing an accident at every turn.
26. The neurotic actress obsessed over her appearance, often undergoing excessive cosmetic procedures.
27. His neurotic behavior extended to his diet, meticulously counting calories and obsessing over food choices.
28. The neurotic character in the novel displayed a complex web of anxieties and irrational fears, making them relatable to many readers.



anxious, stable, calm, collected


GRE 1 (Graduate Record Examination), SAT 3 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Anxiety and Fear

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