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How to pronounce remorseless (audio)

Dictionary definition of remorseless

Lacking any sense of remorse, regret, or guilt for their actions or the consequences they inflict upon others.
"His remorseless ambition led him to trample over anyone in his path to success."

Detailed meaning of remorseless

It portrays a relentless and unyielding nature, characterized by an absence of compassion or empathy. A remorseless person exhibits an unwavering determination to achieve their goals or fulfill their desires, regardless of the harm they may cause. Their actions are often marked by an utter disregard for the well-being and feelings of others, reflecting a cold-hearted and unapologetic attitude. In their pursuit of personal gain or satisfaction, a remorseless individual may trample upon moral boundaries, displaying an alarming indifference to the pain and suffering they leave in their wake. Ultimately, the term "remorseless" encapsulates a chilling lack of conscience or remorse, underscoring the alarming nature of such behavior.

Example sentences containing remorseless

1. The remorseless waves pounded the shoreline, eroding the cliffs over time.
2. The detective was up against a remorseless killer, who showed no empathy or regret.
3. The desert sun blazed down with remorseless heat, causing the travelers to seek shade.
4. The villain's remorseless laughter echoed through the chamber as the hero lay defeated.
5. In the courtroom, her remorseless demeanor while recounting her actions chilled the jury.
6. The hikers faced the remorseless wind that whipped through the mountain pass, making progress nearly impossible.

History and etymology of remorseless

The adjective 'remorseless' has a straightforward etymology. It is formed by combining 'remorse,' which derives from the Latin word 'remorsus,' meaning 'a gnawing' or 'a sense of guilt,' and the suffix '-less,' which indicates the absence or lack of something. In essence, 'remorseless' means 'without remorse' or 'lacking any sense of guilt or regret.' This etymology accurately encapsulates the concept of someone who shows no remorse, empathy, or regret for their actions or the consequences they impose on others, emphasizing their unapologetic and indifferent demeanor.

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Further usage examples of remorseless

1. The townsfolk struggled to survive the remorseless onslaught of the bandits who pillaged their homes.
2. Time is a remorseless force that changes everything and waits for no one.
3. The critics were remorseless in their reviews, tearing the film apart without a hint of sympathy.
4. The blizzard was remorseless, burying the town in snow and cutting off all access.
5. She stared into his remorseless eyes, realizing that he felt no guilt for betraying her trust.
6. The remorseless storm tore through the town, leaving destruction in its wake.
7. The remorseless criminal showed no compassion for his victims.
8. His remorseless pursuit of power came at a great cost.
9. The remorseless bully continued to torment his classmates.
10. She faced the remorseless reality of her failing marriage.
11. The remorseless dictator oppressed the citizens for decades.
12. His remorseless lies damaged his reputation irreparably.
13. The remorseless killer left a trail of devastation in his wake.
14. The remorseless predator preyed on vulnerable individuals.
15. Her remorseless ambition drove her to step on others.
16. The remorseless hacker stole sensitive data without hesitation.
17. The remorseless hurricane left a path of destruction behind.
18. He displayed a remorseless disregard for the environment.
19. The remorseless thief escaped with valuable jewels.
20. His remorseless attitude alienated everyone around him.
21. The remorseless competitor would stop at nothing to win.
22. She felt a remorseless anger toward her betrayer.
23. The remorseless gossip spread hurtful rumors relentlessly.
24. His remorseless actions led to his downfall in the end.
25. The remorseless warlord ruled with an iron fist.
26. The remorseless drug lord terrorized the neighborhood.



unrepentant, remorseful, regretful, penitent


Suffix -less, SAT 20 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Discipline and Self-Control, Challenges and Difficulties

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