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flawless, disjointed, inconsistent, interrupted


Suffix -less, Balance and Stability, Wholeness and Completion, Uniformity and Consistency, Synchronization and Strategize



How to pronounce seamless (audio)


Dictionary definition of seamless

Smoothness, consistency, and uninterrupted flow.
"The new software update promises a seamless integration with existing systems."

Detailed meaning of seamless

When something is seamless, it signifies that there are no visible or tangible divisions, breaks, or disruptions. It implies a high degree of integration, where different elements or components seamlessly blend together to create a harmonious whole. Whether applied to a process, experience, design, or interaction, 'seamless' suggests flawless execution and effortless transitions, allowing for a cohesive and continuous progression. A seamless experience is one that feels natural, without any jarring or abrupt changes, providing a sense of coherence and unity. It denotes a level of excellence where everything works together seamlessly, enabling a fluid and hassle-free experience for those involved.

Example sentences containing seamless

1. The transition between the scenes in the movie was seamless, creating a captivating viewing experience.
2. The integration of various technologies resulted in a seamless and efficient workflow.
3. The seamless collaboration between the team members led to the successful completion of the project.
4. The website's responsive design ensured a seamless user experience across different devices.
5. The seamless blending of flavors in the dish created a delightful culinary sensation.
6. The seamless flow of the dance performance mesmerized the audience.

History and etymology of seamless

The adjective 'seamless' is a term that derives its origins from the word 'seam,' which has a history rooted in Old English as 'seam' and Middle English as 'seeme.' A 'seam' referred to the joining or stitching of two pieces of fabric or material, particularly in the context of clothing or textiles. Over time, the word evolved to encompass the idea of a line where two things meet or are joined together. The addition of the suffix '-less' in 'seamless' negates the presence of seams, conveying the notion of something being free from interruptions, gaps, or discontinuities. Thus, 'seamless' aptly describes a state of smoothness, consistency, and uninterrupted flow, where transitions or divisions are virtually imperceptible.

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Further usage examples of seamless

1. The seamless stitching of the fabric gave the dress an elegant and polished look.
2. With seamless connectivity, we can stay connected wherever we go.
3. The company's customer service team provided a seamless resolution to the issue.
4. The transition between the different musical sections was seamless, showcasing the composer's skill.
5. The airline's seamless check-in process made traveling a breeze for passengers.
6. The transition from scene to scene was seamless in the movie.
7. Their teamwork resulted in a seamless project completion.
8. The seamless integration of technology improved efficiency.
9. She wore a seamless dress that clung to her figure.
10. The migration to the new system was surprisingly seamless.
11. The software update promised a seamless user experience.
12. The seamstress crafted a seamless garment with precision.
13. Their communication was so seamless it seemed telepathic.
14. The merger between the two companies was seamless.
15. The athlete's performance was a seamless display of skill.
16. The collaboration between artists created a seamless mural.
17. The transition from day to night was seamless in the desert.
18. The hotel's service provided a seamless guest experience.
19. The process of onboarding new employees was seamless.
20. The music flowed seamlessly from one track to another.
21. The seamless interface made the app easy to navigate.
22. The chef's recipe yielded a seamless blend of flavors.
23. The road trip was a seamless adventure from start to finish.
24. The choreography was executed with seamless precision.
25. The carpet's seamless design gave the room a unified look.

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