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How to pronounce unconscionable (audio)


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Dictionary definition of unconscionable

Morally or ethically unacceptable or unjustifiable.
"The landlord's unconscionable rent increase left many tenants homeless."

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Detailed meaning of unconscionable

It can be used to describe actions, behavior, or situations that are shocking or extreme in their disregard for what is considered right or fair. Something that is unconscionable may be seen as reprehensible, cruel, or inhumane. This term is often used to describe practices or policies that take advantage of vulnerable people or groups, such as exorbitant prices for essential goods or services, or unfair labor practices. In essence, "unconscionable" is a strong term that conveys a sense of outrage or disbelief at behavior that is deemed morally or ethically indefensible.

Example sentences containing unconscionable

1. The company's unconscionable treatment of workers led to protests.
2. His unconscionable actions left a trail of victims in their wake.
3. It's unconscionable to ignore the suffering of those in need.
4. The price gouging during the crisis was unconscionable.
5. The dictator's unconscionable brutality shocked the world.
6. She found the inequality in society to be unconscionable.

History and etymology of unconscionable

The adjective 'unconscionable' has its roots in Latin. It is formed from the prefix 'un-' meaning 'not' or 'lacking,' and the Latin word 'conscionabilis,' which is derived from 'conscientia,' meaning 'conscience' or 'awareness.' Therefore, etymologically, 'unconscionable' can be understood as 'not in accordance with conscience' or 'lacking moral or ethical awareness.' In its modern usage, it describes actions, behaviors, or situations that are morally or ethically unacceptable, often to an extreme degree, and are considered unjustifiable in light of moral standards or societal norms. The word's etymology underscores the concept of actions that go against the principles of conscience and are widely recognized as morally or ethically wrong.

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Further usage examples of unconscionable

1. The pollution caused by the factory was unconscionable.
2. The unconscionable delay in healthcare was a matter of life and death.
3. The CEO's unconscionable greed harmed both employees and customers.
4. The abuse of power by politicians is unconscionable.
5. The unconscionable discrimination faced by marginalized groups must end.
6. The neglect of vulnerable children is unconscionable.
7. The environmental damage caused by the oil spill was unconscionable.
8. It's unconscionable to profit from the suffering of others.
9. The unconscionable exploitation of workers must be addressed.
10. The lack of access to education for some children is unconscionable.
11. The unconscionable waste of resources harms the planet.
12. The denial of basic rights to certain groups is unconscionable.
13. The unconscionable cruelty of the war shocked the international community.
14. She was appalled by the unconscionable disregard for human life.
15. The company's unconscionable treatment of its workers sparked a protest.
16. It is unconscionable to charge such high prices for life-saving medicine.
17. The dictator's unconscionable actions towards his people led to widespread suffering.
18. The lawyer's unconscionable behavior in court caused a mistrial.
19. The company's unconscionable environmental practices resulted in a public outcry.
20. It is unconscionable to deny people access to basic healthcare.
21. The coach's unconscionable bullying of his players led to his dismissal.
22. The politician's unconscionable policies towards minorities were criticized by activists.
23. The company's unconscionable data breaches put millions of people's personal information at risk.
24. The judge's unconscionable decision to dismiss the case caused outrage among the victims.
25. The bank's unconscionable lending practices contributed to the financial crisis.



unethical, ethical, justifiable, reasonable


Suffix -able, Behavior and Conduct, Disdain and Contempt, Disgust and Aversion, Unethical and Immoral

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