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How to pronounce inscrutable (audio)


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Dictionary definition of inscrutable

Mysterious, enigmatic, or impossible to understand or interpret.
"The inscrutable gaze of the customs official filled him with fear and anxiety."


Detailed meaning of inscrutable

It implies a lack of clarity or transparency, and suggests that the thing in question is difficult or impossible to discern. For example, an inscrutable expression might be one that is difficult to read or interpret, while an inscrutable person might be one whose thoughts and emotions are difficult to understand or predict. The term 'inscrutable' can also be used to describe a particular situation or event that is difficult or impossible to understand, such as an inscrutable mystery or an inscrutable decision. Overall, the term 'inscrutable' is used to describe something that is mysterious, enigmatic, or impossible to understand or interpret, and is often associated with the idea of a lack of transparency or clarity.

Example sentences containing inscrutable

1. Her inscrutable expression gave no clue as to what she was really thinking.
2. The CEO remained inscrutable during the tense board meeting, revealing nothing.
3. The inscrutable painting left viewers pondering its true meaning for hours.
4. His motives were inscrutable, making it difficult to predict his next move.
5. The ancient text was inscrutable, baffling scholars for generations.
6. She had an inscrutable demeanor that kept people at a distance.

History and etymology of inscrutable

The adjective 'inscrutable' has its origins in Latin and can be unraveled etymologically to reveal its meaning. It originates from the Latin word 'inscrutabilis,' which is a combination of 'in-' meaning 'not' or 'un-,' and 'scrutari,' meaning 'to investigate' or 'to search into.' Therefore, 'inscrutable' can be understood as 'not able to be investigated' or 'unsearchable.' This etymology aligns perfectly with its modern usage, where it describes something that is mysterious, enigmatic, or impossible to understand or interpret. It underscores the idea of an impenetrable nature, emphasizing the challenge of unraveling or comprehending that which is inscrutable.

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Further usage examples of inscrutable

1. The detective found the suspect's alibi to be inscrutable and suspicious.
2. The coach's inscrutable strategy confused even seasoned sports analysts.
3. Her inscrutable smile left him wondering if his proposal had been accepted.
4. The inscrutable equation stumped the brightest minds in the mathematics community.
5. His poems are often inscrutable, filled with symbolism that defies easy interpretation.
6. She wore an inscrutable mask to the masquerade, keeping her identity a mystery.
7. The inscrutable riddle had the entire room puzzled, seeking a solution.
8. The philosopher's inscrutable writings continue to be a subject of debate.
9. The landscape was inscrutable, offering no obvious path through the wilderness.
10. The inscrutable gaze of the statue seemed to follow visitors around the museum.
11. His inscrutable decision to quit at the peak of his career puzzled everyone.
12. The leader's inscrutable remarks left diplomats unsure of his true intentions.
13. The ending of the novel was inscrutable, leaving readers to draw their own conclusions.
14. Her inscrutable lyrics have generated numerous interpretations over the years.
15. The ancient text was inscrutable, its meaning lost to time.
16. The Mona Lisa's smile is inscrutable, leaving many to wonder about her true emotions.
17. The old man's face was inscrutable, revealing nothing of his thoughts.
18. The alien's behavior was inscrutable, impossible for humans to understand.
19. The code was inscrutable, impossible to crack.
20. The cat's expression was inscrutable, leaving one to wonder what it was thinking.
21. The fortune teller's predictions were inscrutable, impossible to interpret.
22. The politician's motives were inscrutable, leaving the public guessing.
23. The stock market's fluctuations were inscrutable, impossible to predict.
24. The god's actions were inscrutable, beyond human understanding.
25. The artist's intent was inscrutable, leaving critics to interpret their work.
26. The philosopher's teachings were inscrutable, difficult for many to grasp.



unfathomable, clear, comprehensible, transparent


Suffix -able, GRE 1 (Graduate Record Examination), Nuance and Precision, Adversity and Obstacle, Unclear and Uncertain

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