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deface, mend, repair, restore


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How to pronounce vandalize (audio)


Dictionary definition of vandalize

To intentionally damage or destroy property, often with malicious intent.
"The museum took extra security measures to ensure that no one would vandalize the artwork."

Detailed meaning of vandalize

It involves defacing, defiling, or otherwise causing harm to public or private possessions, such as buildings, vehicles, monuments, or other physical structures. Vandalism typically involves actions such as graffiti, spray-painting, smashing, breaking, or otherwise altering the appearance or functionality of the targeted object. The purpose of vandalism can vary, ranging from an expression of anger or frustration to a form of rebellion, or simply engaging in destructive behavior for the sake of it. Vandalism is generally considered illegal and socially unacceptable, as it infringes upon the rights and property of others. It can result in financial loss, the deterioration of public spaces, and a negative impact on communities. Law enforcement agencies and security measures are often employed to deter and prevent acts of vandalism.

Example sentences containing vandalize

1. Kids, don't vandalize the park; we all use and enjoy this public space together.
2. She urged them not to vandalize historical sites, respecting our shared heritage.
3. To vandalize art is to silence a unique voice and story; it's a loss for us all.
4. They chose to vandalize the school, a choice that angers the whole community.
5. People who vandalize nature reserves lack respect for our planet's biodiversity.
6. Graffiti artists can create, but some just choose to vandalize public property.

History and etymology of vandalize

The verb 'vandalize' is a direct derivative of the noun 'vandalism' and is rooted in the historical actions of the Vandals, an East Germanic tribe known for their destructive conquests in the Western Roman Empire during the 5th century. 'Vandalize' evolved from the term 'vandalism' and gained prominence to describe the act of intentionally damaging or destroying property, often with malicious intent. The connection to the Vandals reflects the historical association between their wanton destruction and acts of property damage. The term 'vandalize' thus maintains a link to the tribe's reputation for rampant destruction while capturing the essence of intentional and malicious harm to property.

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Further usage examples of vandalize

1. After the protest, a few decided to vandalize stores, overshadowing the cause.
2. Authorities warn: those who vandalize monuments face hefty fines and jail time.
3. It's unfortunate when individuals vandalize parks that volunteers work hard on.
4. Educational campaigns are essential to curb the urge to vandalize public spaces.
5. He couldn’t understand the urge to vandalize beautiful, ancient architecture.
6. They caught them red-handed trying to vandalize the newly painted mural.
7. Celebrities spoke out, urging fans never to vandalize revered landmarks.
8. Some teenagers think it’s cool to vandalize properties, but it’s a crime.
9. The city installed cameras to catch those who’d vandalize the iconic bridge.
10. Parents were shocked, learning their children conspired to vandalize the library.
11. The mayor condemned those who chose to vandalize during the peaceful protest.
12. Many admire street art, but it's not an invitation to vandalize the surroundings.
13. A campaign seeks to educate youth on the consequences if they vandalize assets.
14. Social workers engage at-risk youth to divert them from the urge to vandalize.
15. The teenagers decided to vandalize the abandoned house with graffiti.
16. It is illegal to vandalize public property, such as parks and monuments.
17. The angry crowd threatened to vandalize the mayor's office if their demands were not met.
18. CCTV cameras were installed to catch anyone who tries to vandalize the school.
19. Local artists came together to restore murals that were vandalized in the neighborhood.
20. In the game, players can choose to either build up or vandalize the virtual cities.
21. During the protest, some individuals took advantage of the chaos to vandalize shops.
22. Some hackers aim to vandalize websites for fun or to make a political statement.
23. The police are looking for witnesses who saw the suspect vandalize the car last night.
24. They raised funds to repair the community center that was vandalized last month.
25. The principal urged the students not to vandalize school property and to respect their environment.

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