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Examples of 'demolish' in a Sentence


1. The demolition crew carefully planned the sequence of bringing down the multi-story building.
2. The vacant warehouse was demolished to clear the land for a parking lot.
3. The city council approved the plan to demolish the old bridge and construct a modern one.
4. The historical building was unfortunately demolished due to irreparable damage.
5. The explosives were strategically placed to safely demolish the outdated structure.
6. The wrecking ball will demolish the old factory to make way for a new development.
7. The hurricane's force was so strong that it threatened to demolish homes.
8. The construction crew will demolish the bridge before rebuilding it.
9. The demolition team worked tirelessly to safely demolish the skyscraper.
10. The earthquake's tremors caused buildings to sway and threaten to demolish them.
11. We decided to demolish the dilapidated barn and construct a new one.
12. The old stadium's grandstands were demolished to make room for a modern arena.
13. The decision to demolish the historic mansion sparked controversy in the community.
14. The bulldozer will carefully demolish the old shopping center's walls.
15. The city council approved plans to demolish the aging parking garage.
16. The wrecking crew will demolish the condemned building next week.
17. The developer intends to demolish the vacant lot for a new housing complex.
18. The demolition process required skilled workers to safely demolish the structure.
19. They decided to demolish the unsafe bridge and build a safer one.
20. The government authorized the use of explosives to quickly demolish the dam.
21. The decision to demolish the landmark hotel shocked the residents.
22. The historic theater was beyond repair and had to be demolished.
23. The tornado's force threatened to demolish entire neighborhoods.
24. The team carefully planned how to demolish the old, unstable silo.
25. The construction crew will demolish the old pier to build a new one.


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