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Examples of 'dependable' in a Sentence

1. His consistent and dependable performance earned him a promotion at work.
2. The dependable delivery service ensures packages are delivered on time.
3. The dependable alarm clock wakes me up every morning without fail.
4. We trust our dependable dog to guard the house and keep us safe.
5. The dependable internet connection allows me to work from home efficiently.
6. When it comes to delivering results on time, Kevin is our most dependable team member.
7. In the realm of automobiles, the Toyota brand is often cited as a dependable choice.
8. The old, dependable tree in the backyard served as a sanctuary for many generations.
9. Searching for a dependable source of information, she turned to peer-reviewed journals.
10. For years, this dependable software has been the industry standard for data analysis.
11. In a chaotic situation, Martha remained the dependable rock that held the family together.
12. Among the traits that make a great leader, being dependable stands out as essential.
13. As the clock ticks toward the deadline, it's a relief to have a dependable colleague.
14. The company's dependable revenue growth attracted many long-term investors and partners.
15. In the vast world of technology, a dependable infrastructure is the backbone of success.
16. As a dependable point guard, he always executed plays that led the team to victory.
17. For trustworthy financial advice, clients considered him the most dependable consultant.
18. Her dependable babysitter always arrived early, ensuring parents could leave on time.
19. The dependable public transport system significantly contributed to the city's growth.
20. During the storm, the old lighthouse stood as a dependable beacon for lost sailors.
21. In rural communities, the post office remains a dependable link to the outside world.
22. The chef's dependable recipe never failed to win over even the harshest of critics.
23. For those who love hiking, a dependable pair of boots is an absolute necessity.
24. In life's unpredictable journey, a dependable friend becomes an invaluable treasure.

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