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Examples of 'disheveled' in a Sentence

1. The hiker emerged from the forest with a disheveled look, covered in dirt and leaves.
2. The disheveled books on the shelf hinted at the reader's voracious appetite for knowledge.
3. The disheveled state of the garden indicated a lack of care and maintenance.
4. Despite his disheveled appearance, Tom confidently delivered a brilliant presentation.
5. The disheveled clothing of the homeless man tugged at the passerby's heartstrings.
6. He arrived at the meeting looking disheveled and exhausted.
7. After the long hike, their hair and clothes were disheveled.
8. The abandoned house appeared dark and disheveled.
9. She woke up with disheveled hair and sleepy eyes.
10. The hurricane left the landscape disheveled and chaotic.
11. His disheveled appearance suggested a sleepless night.
12. The old attic was filled with disheveled, forgotten treasures.
13. She rushed into the room, disheveled and out of breath.
14. The disheveled garden needed some serious maintenance.
15. The wind left her hair disheveled and tangled.
16. The room was disheveled after the children's playtime.
17. His disheveled desk was a reflection of his chaotic workday.
18. The actor's disheveled costume added authenticity to the role.
19. The disheveled appearance of the abandoned car was eerie.
20. Her disheveled state revealed the stress she was under.
21. The disheveled manuscripts were scattered across the floor.
22. The disheveled bookshelves were in need of organizing.
23. The disheveled barn housed a family of stray cats.
24. His disheveled beard gave him a rugged appearance.
25. She emerged from the storm, disheveled but triumphant.

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