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skilled, clumsy, inept, awkward



How to pronounce adroit (audio)

Dictionary definition of adroit

Having or showing great skill, cleverness, or resourcefulness in handling situations.
"He was an adroit negotiator, able to reach mutually beneficial agreements."

Detailed meaning of adroit

The term is often used to describe someone who is adept at handling difficult situations or challenges, and who is able to think and act quickly and effectively. Adroit people are often described as being skilled or proficient at what they do, and are able to handle tasks or situations with ease and grace.

Example sentences of adroit

1. The magician's adroit handling of cards dazzled the audience.
2. As an adroit negotiator, she was able to secure favorable terms for her company.
3. The chef was adroit in his use of spices, creating dishes that were flavorful and balanced.
4. The player's adroit footwork made him a standout on the soccer field.
5. Her adroit management of the crisis averted what could have been a disaster for the company.
6. The detective was adroit at piecing together clues to solve complex cases.

History and etymology of adroit

The adjective 'adroit' has its etymological roots in French. It is derived from the Old French word 'à droit,' which can be translated as 'to the right.' This term originally referred to a person's ability to use their right hand skillfully, as right-handedness was traditionally considered superior in many societies. Over time, 'à droit' evolved to encompass a broader sense of skill and cleverness, not limited to manual dexterity but extending to one's ability to handle situations with great skill and resourcefulness. In English, 'adroit' describes individuals who are adept at navigating challenges and handling tasks with finesse, emphasizing their cleverness and skillfulness. Therefore, the etymology of 'adroit' underscores its use as an adjective to depict someone who is exceptionally skilled and resourceful in various situations.

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Further usage examples of adroit

1. He was an adroit politician, adept at navigating the intricacies of the political landscape.
2. The guitarist’s adroit fingers moved effortlessly across the frets during his solo.
3. The adroit editing of the film created a seamless and engaging story.
4. As an adroit mechanic, he could fix just about anything that came into his shop.
5. She was adroit in her use of language, crafting sentences that were both eloquent and persuasive.
6. The surgeon's adroit hands performed the delicate procedure with precision.
7. Her adroit handling of the crisis, calmly and efficiently, averted a potential disaster.
8. He's known for being adroit at solving complex problems quickly, finding elegant solutions.
9. The chef's adroit knife skills, slicing and dicing with precision, impressed everyone in the kitchen.
10. An adroit negotiator, she skillfully navigated the tense talks and secured a favorable deal for her client.
11. His adroit maneuvering on the soccer field, dribbling past defenders effortlessly, made him a star player.
12. The adroit surgeon, with steady hands and unwavering focus, performed the delicate procedure flawlessly.
13. Her adroit decision-making as a leader, choosing the right strategies at critical moments, led the team to victory.
14. The adroit pilot, despite challenging weather conditions, safely landed the plane with finesse and skill.
15. The detective's adroit questioning, uncovering crucial details, led to a breakthrough in the investigation.
16. An adroit speaker, he captivated the audience with his charisma, eloquence, and persuasive arguments.
17. The adroit artist, with a masterful brushstroke, created a visual masterpiece that left viewers in awe.
18. His adroit management of the company's finances, making prudent decisions, saved it from bankruptcy.
19. The adroit teacher, with innovative teaching methods, made complex concepts accessible and easy to understand.
20. The diplomat's adroit diplomacy, navigating international relations with finesse, eased tensions between nations.
21. The adroit musician, playing the intricate piece flawlessly, left the audience spellbound with their skill.
22. Her adroit leadership, inspiring and guiding the team with vision, led them to achieve greatness.
23. The adroit architect, blending aesthetics and functionality seamlessly, designed a stunning and practical building.
24. The adroit coder, diagnosing and fixing the software glitch swiftly, ensured the program ran smoothly.
25. An adroit investor, he consistently made profitable decisions in the ever-changing stock market.
26. The adroit chef's culinary creations delighted diners not only with their flavors but also with their artistic presentation and attention to detail.


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