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competent, inept, incapable, incompetent



How to pronounce capable (audio)

Dictionary definition of capable

Having the inherent ability or competence to perform a particular task or fulfill a specific role.
"He is a capable leader who can guide the team through complex projects."

Detailed meaning of capable

It signifies the possession of the necessary qualities, skills, or aptitude to achieve a desired outcome successfully. When someone or something is deemed capable, it implies that they have the capacity and proficiency to handle challenges, solve problems, or accomplish objectives effectively. The term conveys a sense of reliability, competence, and resourcefulness, highlighting the potential and talent of an individual or the suitability and functionality of an object or system. Being capable implies a readiness and adaptability to take on responsibilities or carry out tasks with competence, making it an important attribute in various domains, such as professional settings, personal relationships, or any area that requires performance and achievement.

Example sentences of capable

1. The new software update has made our computer system more capable of handling large datasets.
2. Despite his young age, the talented musician proved capable of playing intricate compositions flawlessly.
3. The company invested in capable machinery to enhance production efficiency.
4. With his extensive knowledge and experience, he is a capable mentor for aspiring entrepreneurs.
5. The rescue team demonstrated their capable skills in navigating treacherous terrains to save stranded hikers.
6. The artist's capable brushstrokes brought the vivid colors of the landscape to life on the canvas.

History and etymology of capable

The adjective 'capable' has its etymological roots in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'capabilis,' which is formed from 'capere,' meaning 'to take' or 'to seize.' In Latin, 'capabilis' originally meant 'able to hold' or 'able to contain.' This sense of being able to contain or grasp something evolved into the broader notion of having the inherent ability or competence to perform a particular task or fulfill a specific role. The word 'capable' came into English with this expanded meaning, emphasizing an individual's capacity or aptitude to undertake various tasks or responsibilities. Its etymology underscores the idea that a capable person possesses the capacity to grasp and excel in a wide range of endeavors.

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Further usage examples of capable

1. The athlete's capable performance in the marathon earned her a well-deserved gold medal.
2. The new employee quickly proved herself capable of handling challenging client demands.
3. The spacecraft's capable navigation system allowed it to explore distant planets with precision.
4. The team of engineers designed a capable security system to protect sensitive data from cyber threats.
5. Despite the complexity of the project, the capable project manager ensured timely delivery and high-quality results.
6. She is a capable leader who inspires her team to excel.
7. A capable surgeon performed the delicate procedure flawlessly.
8. The computer programmer is highly capable of solving complex issues.
9. He's a capable athlete, excelling in multiple sports.
10. The capable chef prepared a five-course gourmet meal.
11. A capable teacher imparts knowledge with enthusiasm.
12. The capable detective cracked the case in record time.
13. She's a capable multitasker, juggling work and family effortlessly.
14. A capable engineer designed the innovative new product.
15. The capable pilot safely landed the plane in adverse conditions.
16. He's a capable musician, mastering multiple instruments.
17. The capable nurse provided compassionate care to patients.
18. A capable manager fosters a productive work environment.
19. The capable lawyer built a strong case for her client.
20. She's a capable public speaker, captivating her audience.
21. A capable technician fixed the malfunctioning equipment.
22. The capable artist's creations are admired worldwide.
23. He's a capable researcher, advancing scientific knowledge.
24. The capable writer crafts compelling stories with ease.
25. A capable volunteer dedicates time to charitable causes.


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