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boldness, timidity, meekness, cowardice


Ambition and Drive, Assurance and Confidence, Fortitude and Rebellion, Governance and Authority, Fear and Anxiety, Confidence and Optimism



How to pronounce chutzpah (audio)


Dictionary definition of chutzpah

Someone who displays an audacious and often shameless level of confidence or boldness.
"It takes chutzpah to ask for a raise during your first week on the job."

Detailed meaning of chutzpah

It is a noun that refers to the quality or characteristic of being audacious, particularly in situations where one is not entitled to such boldness or where it is socially inappropriate. Chutzpah can be seen as a positive trait in some contexts, particularly in business or entertainment where taking risks and being assertive can lead to success. However, it can also be viewed as negative or disrespectful in situations where it is seen as rude or inappropriate. Overall, chutzpah is a word that embodies a certain level of fearlessness and confidence, but can also be seen as arrogant or presumptuous depending on the context.

Example sentences containing chutzpah

1. Her chutzpah in asking for a raise impressed her boss.
2. It takes a lot of chutzpah to speak up in a room full of experts.
3. The candidate's chutzpah during the debate made headlines.
4. He had the chutzpah to challenge the established order.
5. The entrepreneur's chutzpah led to the creation of a successful startup.
6. A little chutzpah can help you achieve your goals.

History and etymology of chutzpah

The noun 'chutzpah' has its origins in Yiddish, a language with Hebrew and Germanic roots. It comes from the Hebrew word 'ḥuṣpāh,' which means 'audacity' or 'nerve.' In Yiddish, 'chutzpah' developed to describe an audacious and often shameless level of confidence or boldness, particularly in the face of challenges or authority. It carries a sense of fearless assertiveness and a willingness to take risks, even when it might seem impudent or unconventional. 'Chutzpah' was adopted into English in the early 20th century and is used to describe individuals who display an extraordinary level of self-assuredness and audacity in their actions or behavior. The etymology of 'chutzpah' highlights its historical connection to the Hebrew and Yiddish traditions of boldness and fearless assertiveness.

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Further usage examples of chutzpah

1. The comedian's chutzpah on stage had the audience in stitches.
2. Facing adversity with chutzpah can lead to personal growth.
3. Her chutzpah in negotiations secured a favorable deal.
4. Chutzpah is often admired in leaders and innovators.
5. The athlete's chutzpah allowed them to overcome obstacles.
6. The writer's chutzpah in tackling controversial topics was commendable.
7. Sometimes, you need a dose of chutzpah to seize opportunities.
8. The young musician's chutzpah led to a record deal.
9. Chutzpah is a valuable quality in problem-solving.
10. His chutzpah in defending his principles inspired others.
11. The chef's culinary creations showcased his chutzpah.
12. The explorer's chutzpah led to the discovery of new lands.
13. Chutzpah is often a driving force behind innovation.
14. The actress's chutzpah in auditions paid off with a lead role.
15. Demonstrating chutzpah can be a game-changer in your career.
16. Chutzpah is the fuel that propels dreamers to success.
17. The student's chutzpah in presenting their research was evident.
18. Chutzpah is the courage to push boundaries and challenge norms.
19. Embracing chutzpah can lead to a life full of adventure and achievement.

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