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enhancement, mismatch, discord, discrepancy



How to pronounce complement (audio)

Dictionary definition of complement

Something that completes, enhances, or harmonizes with another to create a whole or bring about a sense of balance or perfection.
"The fresh basil and tomatoes are the perfect complements to this pasta dish."

Detailed meaning of complement

It signifies a counterpart or addition that adds value, depth, or completeness to another entity or system. A complement can be a person, thing, quality, or attribute that pairs well with another, creating a mutually beneficial or mutually enhancing relationship. In various contexts, such as art, fashion, or design, a complement refers to colors, patterns, or elements that go well together and create visual harmony. In language, a complement is a word or phrase that completes the meaning of a verb or subject. Complements are essential for achieving cohesion and wholeness, as they provide the missing or necessary components that make something whole, coherent, or fully realized.

Example sentences of complement

1. The red dress is the perfect complement to her vibrant personality.
2. The singer's powerful voice was a wonderful complement to the grand orchestra.
3. The team's diverse skill sets were a great complement to each other.
4. The bold necklace served as a striking complement to her elegant attire.
5. The soft lighting in the room was a complement to the cozy ambiance.
6. The spicy salsa added a flavorful complement to the mild flavors of the dish.

History and etymology of complement

The noun 'complement' has its origins in Latin, stemming from the word 'complementum,' which is derived from 'com,' meaning 'together,' and 'plere,' meaning 'to fill' or 'to complete.' This etymology encapsulates the fundamental concept of complement as something that, when combined with another, fills in or completes what may be lacking, enhancing or harmonizing to create a whole. In essence, a complement adds a sense of balance or perfection to the existing entity or situation. Over time, 'complement' transitioned into Middle English and eventually became the modern English term, preserving its core meaning of something that complements and contributes to the wholeness or enhancement of something else, whether it be in the realms of aesthetics, functionality, or harmony.

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Further usage examples of complement

1. The witty banter between the characters served as a playful complement to the intense drama of the play.
2. The warm weather was a perfect complement to our beach vacation.
3. The intricate details on the painting were a beautiful complement to the artist's skill.
4. The smooth jazz music provided a relaxing complement to the romantic dinner.
5. The strong coffee was a perfect complement to the rich chocolate cake.
6. The wine is a perfect complement to the meal.
7. Her skills are a great complement to the team.
8. The colors in the artwork are a beautiful complement.
9. A good dessert is the ideal complement to dinner.
10. The two pieces of furniture are a perfect complement.
11. His humor is a refreshing complement to the group.
12. The spices are a crucial complement in this dish.
13. The music served as a perfect complement to the event.
14. Their personalities are a harmonious complement.
15. The addition of herbs is a delightful complement.
16. The hat is a stylish complement to her outfit.
17. The book provides a valuable complement to the class.
18. Her creativity is a wonderful complement to the team.
19. The actor's performance was a brilliant complement.
20. The flavors in the dish create a perfect complement.
21. The accessories are a great complement to the dress.
22. The painting serves as a striking complement.
23. The new technology is a welcome complement.
24. Their interests are a complementary match.
25. The laughter of children is a joyful complement.


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