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How to pronounce enshrine (audio)


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Dictionary definition of enshrine

To preserve, protect, or establish something, typically a principle, idea, value, or belief, in a revered or sacred manner.
"We enshrine the memory of our fallen heroes in our hearts."


Detailed meaning of enshrine

When something is enshrined, it is set apart and given special recognition or reverence, often through formal or symbolic means. Enshrining involves elevating an idea or concept to a respected and cherished status, ensuring its longevity and significance. It can be done through written documents, legal statutes, monuments, memorials, or other forms of representation. Enshrining serves to honor, commemorate, or safeguard a specific ideal or tradition, emphasizing its importance and providing a lasting testament to its significance. It entails establishing something as a permanent and revered part of a culture, society, or institution. By enshrining principles or values, individuals or societies seek to ensure their preservation, perpetuation, and adherence for future generations.

Example sentences containing enshrine

1. The monument was built to enshrine the memory of fallen soldiers.
2. The museum will enshrine the rare artifact in a secure display case.
3. They enshrine the sacred relic in a beautifully crafted shrine.
4. The constitution will enshrine the rights and freedoms of the people.
5. We enshrine the values of honesty and integrity in our organization.
6. The gallery will enshrine the artist's masterpieces for future generations.

History and etymology of enshrine

The verb 'enshrine' has its roots in the Old English word 'enscrinan,' which was derived from the combination of 'en-' meaning 'in' or 'into,' and 'scrin' meaning 'a chest' or 'a shrine.' This etymology reflects the notion of placing something sacred or cherished into a container or shrine for safekeeping and reverence. Over time, 'enshrine' has come to signify the act of preserving, protecting, or establishing something, often a principle, idea, value, or belief, in a revered or sacred manner, much like placing it within the confines of a figurative shrine for posterity and veneration.

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Further usage examples of enshrine

1. They enshrine the family traditions through generations.
2. The museum aims to enshrine the rich cultural heritage of the region.
3. The treaty will enshrine the principles of peace and cooperation among nations.
4. We enshrine the memories of our loved ones in cherished photographs.
5. The legislation will enshrine the rights of marginalized communities.
6. They enshrine the values of equality and justice in their laws.
7. The temple will enshrine the deity's sacred image.
8. The constitution seeks to enshrine the principles of democracy and freedom.
9. We enshrine the achievements of great scientists in textbooks.
10. We must enshrine the values of equality and justice in our society.
11. The ancient temple was built to enshrine the sacred relic.
12. The constitution seeks to enshrine citizens' rights and freedoms.
13. Her legacy will forever enshrine her contributions to art.
14. Let's enshrine this moment as a cherished memory.
15. The museum aims to enshrine the history of our town.
16. The ceremony will enshrine their love and commitment.
17. The church was designed to enshrine the patron saint.
18. We should enshrine these traditions for future generations.
19. His words will enshrine his wisdom for generations to come.
20. The document will enshrine the company's core values.
21. We need to enshrine environmental protection in policy.
22. The memorial was built to enshrine their sacrifice.
23. The law seeks to enshrine the rights of indigenous people.
24. This shrine will enshrine the memory of our ancestors.
25. Let's enshrine the spirit of teamwork in our organization.
26. Their love story will enshrine in our family history.
27. The gallery aims to enshrine the beauty of local art.
28. We should enshrine the ideals of democracy in our nation.
29. The museum was established to enshrine scientific discoveries.



consecrate, desecrate, defile, disrespect


Prefix en-, ACT 10 (American College Testing), High School 2, Sacred and Profane

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