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How to pronounce exorbitant (audio)

Dictionary definition of exorbitant

Unreasonably excessive, beyond what is considered reasonable or justifiable.
"The exorbitant rent made it impossible for him to afford to live in the city."

Detailed meaning of exorbitant

It is often used to describe prices or fees that are significantly higher than what is considered to be normal or fair.

For example, if a person is charged a fee that is much higher than the usual rate for a particular service, that fee could be described as exorbitant. Similarly, if a company charges a price for a product that is significantly higher than the cost of producing it, that price could also be considered exorbitant.

The word "exorbitant" comes from the Latin "exorbitare" which means "to wander outside of the bounds." When applied to prices or fees, it suggests that they have strayed outside of the normal or acceptable range.

Example sentences containing exorbitant

1. The exorbitant price of the painting shocked everyone at the auction.
2. She was outraged by the exorbitant fees charged by the bank.
3. The exorbitant cost of the wedding made them decide to elope instead.
4. The exorbitant price of the tickets made it impossible for them to attend the concert.
5. He was shocked by the exorbitant charges on his credit card bill.
6. The exorbitant fees for the conference made it difficult for them to justify sending employees.

History and etymology of exorbitant

The adjective 'exorbitant' has its etymological roots in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'exorbitans,' which is formed by combining 'ex,' meaning 'out of,' and 'orbita,' meaning 'track' or 'path.' Originally, 'exorbitant' was used in a more literal sense, describing something that had deviated or strayed from its proper path or course. Over time, the term took on a metaphorical meaning, indicating something that had gone beyond the bounds of what is considered reasonable or justifiable. 'Exorbitant' now refers to prices, fees, or demands that are unreasonably excessive and exceed the expected or customary limits. Thus, the etymology of 'exorbitant' reflects its historical connection to the idea of straying from a prescribed path, highlighting its role in describing something that goes beyond the acceptable or reasonable boundaries, as conveyed by its linguistic heritage.

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Further usage examples of exorbitant

1. The exorbitant cost of the medication made it difficult for her to afford the treatment.
2. Some hotels charge exorbitant rates for afternoon tea.
3. The exorbitant price of the house made it clear that it was out of their budget.
4. The exorbitant fees for the service made them decide to do it themselves instead.
5. The exorbitant cost of the vacation made them decide to stay home instead.
6. The exorbitant price of the car made it clear that it was only for the wealthy.
7. The exorbitant price of that luxury car left me astounded.
8. During the peak season, the hotel's room rates were truly exorbitant.
9. She couldn't justify the exorbitant cost of designer clothing.
10. The exorbitant healthcare expenses in this country are a concern.
11. The restaurant charged an exorbitant amount for a basic meal.
12. Attending the private school was a dream, but the fees were exorbitant.
13. Many people find the rent in the city to be exorbitant.
14. The price that artwork fetched at auction was exorbitant.
15. Around the holidays, airline ticket prices can become exorbitant.
16. Young drivers often face exorbitant insurance premiums.
17. Coping with the cost of living in this city can be exorbitant.
18. The exorbitant fees for concert tickets made fans reconsider.
19. Using that service comes with exorbitant fees.
20. Some credit cards impose exorbitant interest rates.
21. Repairing luxury cars can lead to exorbitant bills.
22. The exorbitant taxes on certain goods are a burden on consumers.
23. Real estate prices in this area have become exorbitant.
24. The gym's monthly membership fees struck many as exorbitant.
25. Making international phone calls often incurs exorbitant charges.
26. The designer's exorbitant prices discouraged budget-conscious shoppers.



excessive, reasonable, modest, economical


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