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talented, untalented, mediocre, unskilled


Resilience and Resolve, Pinnacle and Perfection, Skill and Distinction



How to pronounce gifted (audio)


Dictionary definition of gifted

Possessing exceptional talents, abilities, or skills in a particular field or multiple areas.
"The orchestra was filled with gifted musicians who played the symphony beautifully."

Detailed meaning of gifted

These individuals demonstrate a natural aptitude and often exhibit advanced capabilities beyond their peers. Whether it is in academics, arts, athletics, or any other domain, the gifted person stands out due to their remarkable intellectual or creative prowess. They effortlessly grasp complex concepts, solve problems with ease, and display a high level of proficiency and originality in their chosen pursuits. Gifted individuals possess an innate ability that sets them apart, enabling them to excel and make significant contributions in their respective fields. Their unique talents, combined with their dedication and passion, enable them to reach extraordinary heights and achieve remarkable success.

Example sentences containing gifted

1. Maria is a gifted painter whose art has touched many hearts.
2. His gifted understanding of mathematics made him the top student in his class.
3. The gifted chef was known for his innovative approach to traditional recipes.
4. Her gifted voice captivated everyone at the concert.
5. We discovered that our son was a gifted reader when he started reading chapter books at age four.
6. The school program is designed for gifted students who need a more challenging curriculum.

History and etymology of gifted

The adjective 'gifted' has its etymological origins in the Old English word 'gift,' which originally meant 'something given.' Over time, the term evolved to include the idea of having exceptional talents or abilities as if they were special gifts. In this sense, 'gifted' came to describe individuals who possessed outstanding skills, talents, or aptitudes in a particular field or multiple areas. It emphasizes the notion that these talents are innate or bestowed upon a person, much like a present or gift. The etymology of 'gifted' reflects the belief that exceptional abilities are a kind of natural endowment, underscoring the recognition of extraordinary talents in individuals.

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Further usage examples of gifted

1. My brother is a gifted mechanic, capable of fixing almost anything with an engine.
2. Our coach is a gifted strategist, always able to devise the best game plan.
3. The gifted surgeon performed the complex operation with incredible precision.
4. She is a gifted writer, her stories are so vivid and compelling.
5. The team’s gifted programmer was the driving force behind their successful software.
6. She's a gifted pianist, captivating audiences with her melodies.
7. The gifted scientist made groundbreaking discoveries.
8. His gifted storytelling brought the book to life.
9. A gifted athlete, he excels in multiple sports.
10. The gifted artist's work is both striking and profound.
11. Her gifted mind solves complex problems effortlessly.
12. He's a gifted chef, crafting culinary masterpieces.
13. The gifted child amazed everyone with her IQ.
14. Their gifted teamwork led to a successful project.
15. A gifted actor, he embodies every character.
16. The gifted surgeon saved countless lives.
17. She's a gifted linguist, fluent in many languages.
18. His gifted leadership inspires the entire team.
19. A gifted inventor, he revolutionized the industry.
20. The gifted mathematician cracked the unsolvable equation.
21. The gifted dancer's grace leaves the audience in awe.
22. He's a gifted comedian, always making people laugh.
23. The gifted pilot navigated through the storm flawlessly.
24. Her gifted diplomacy eased international tensions.
25. A gifted writer, his words resonate with readers.

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