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How to pronounce nexus (audio)


Dictionary definition of nexus

A central or crucial point of connection, intersection, or linkage among various elements, ideas, or entities.
"The nexus of power and wealth is at the center of many political debates."

Detailed meaning of nexus

It represents a pivotal node or juncture where multiple factors or components come together and interact. 'Nexus' can be applied to a wide range of contexts, such as the nexus of technology and society, where these two realms converge and influence each other, or the nexus of a complex issue, where various aspects intersect to create a comprehensive understanding. This term underscores the idea that it is at this point of convergence or linkage that important relationships, dependencies, or interactions are formed, often playing a critical role in shaping outcomes or understanding complex systems. 'Nexus' serves as a key concept for grasping the interconnectedness of elements in a given context.

Example sentences containing nexus

1. Their house became a vibrant nexus of intellectual and artistic activity.
2. The cross-cultural communication creates a nexus of new ideas and understanding.
3. Within the city, the bustling marketplace served as a nexus for traders and craftsmen.
4. The internet is often regarded as a nexus of information and knowledge.
5. The relationship between physical health and mental well-being forms an important nexus in healthcare.
6. That park is the nexus of our community, where everyone gathers for special events.

History and etymology of nexus

The noun 'nexus' has its etymological roots in ancient Rome, specifically in Latin. It originates from the Latin word 'nexum,' which referred to a formal contract or obligation. 'Nexum' was a binding agreement between parties, often involving loans or debts. This sense of binding or connecting elements is crucial to understanding the evolution of 'nexus' as a word. Over time, 'nexus' in Latin expanded its meaning to encompass a central or crucial point of connection, intersection, or linkage among various elements, ideas, or entities. In this way, 'nexus' in contemporary English retains its ancient Latin essence, describing a pivotal and connecting point that ties together diverse aspects or concepts into a coherent whole.

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Further usage examples of nexus

1. Technology has become the nexus of our modern lifestyle, connecting various aspects seamlessly.
2. She saw herself as the nexus in her family, holding everyone together during tough times.
3. Their study aimed to reveal the nexus between diet and longevity.
4. The bustling airport served as an international nexus, connecting different corners of the world.
5. Music festivals often act as a nexus for like-minded individuals to come together.
6. The forest was a nexus of biodiversity, teeming with different species of plants and animals.
7. The town's library, acting as an educational nexus, drew students of all ages.
8. The nexus of economic growth and environmental sustainability poses a significant challenge for policymakers.
9. His living room, filled with antique collectibles, was the nexus of his eclectic home.
10. The nexus between technological advancement and job displacement has been a subject of many debates.
11. Universities serve as a nexus for scientific discovery and societal progress.
12. The book explored the nexus of mythology and modern societal norms.
13. The plaza was a nexus of various streets, all leading to different parts of the city.
14. The internet is a vital nexus of information and communication.
15. Education serves as a nexus between knowledge and progress.
16. The city's transportation hub is a nexus for commuters.
17. The conference aims to explore the nexus of art and technology.
18. The detective sought the nexus of the criminal organization.
19. Innovation often occurs at the nexus of different disciplines.
20. The river forms a natural nexus for wildlife migration.
21. Global trade is a critical nexus for economic growth.
22. In literature, the nexus of conflict drives the plot forward.
23. Science and ethics meet at the nexus of medical research.
24. The town square is a cultural and social nexus for residents.

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