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How to pronounce palliate (audio)


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Dictionary definition of palliate

To make something less severe, painful, or unpleasant, without actually addressing the root cause of the problem.
"He tried to palliate his guilt by making a donation to charity."

Detailed meaning of palliate

Palliation can involve using medication or other treatments to reduce the symptoms of an illness, or it can refer to efforts to mitigate the negative effects of a particular situation or event. The term can also be used to describe attempts to downplay or minimize the seriousness of a problem or issue, rather than confronting it directly. While palliation can provide temporary relief or comfort, it may not be sufficient for resolving underlying issues or preventing further problems from arising. In general, the goal of palliation is to make something more tolerable or manageable, rather than curing or solving the problem completely.

Example sentences containing palliate

1. The doctor recommended medication to palliate her symptoms.
2. The government's response to the crisis was only designed to palliate public anger.
3. The company attempted to palliate the negative impact of the layoffs with severance packages.
4. She used humor to palliate the tension in the room.
5. The painkillers only served to palliate the pain temporarily.
6. The company's marketing campaign was an attempt to palliate negative reviews of their product.

History and etymology of palliate

The verb 'palliate' has its origins in the Latin word 'palliatus,' which is the past participle of 'palliare.' This Latin term is formed from 'pallium,' meaning 'a cloak' or 'covering,' and the suffix '-atus,' signifying a state or action. In essence, 'palliate' can be understood as a figurative act of 'covering up' or 'masking' something undesirable, much like using a cloak to hide imperfections. When one palliates a problem or a symptom, they are, in a sense, providing temporary relief or making it less apparent without addressing its fundamental cause. This etymological connection to concealment and covering aligns with the modern usage of 'palliate' to describe actions that mitigate the severity of a situation while not necessarily resolving its underlying issues.

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Further usage examples of palliate

1. His apology was an attempt to palliate the damage caused by his offensive remarks.
2. The government's promises to address the issue were seen as mere attempts to palliate public outrage.
3. The committee's recommendations only served to palliate the underlying issues.
4. The therapist suggested relaxation techniques to palliate her anxiety.
5. The company's decision to offer flexible work hours was an attempt to palliate employee dissatisfaction.
6. He tried to palliate the symptoms of his illness with painkillers.
7. The government's efforts to palliate poverty were insufficient.
8. She attempted to palliate the situation with a quick apology.
9. The company's PR team worked hard to palliate the scandal.
10. His attempts to palliate his guilt didn't bring him peace.
11. The therapist helped her palliate her anxiety temporarily.
12. Their efforts to palliate the environmental damage fell short.
13. The charity aimed to palliate the suffering of homeless people.
14. The manager tried to palliate the employee's frustration.
15. They used humor to palliate the tension in the room.
16. The doctor prescribed medication to palliate the patient's pain.
17. His smile couldn't palliate the disappointment in his eyes.
18. The government's aid package sought to palliate the economic crisis.
19. Her reassurance did little to palliate his anxiety.
20. The apology was an attempt to palliate the hurt feelings.
21. Their promises were just an attempt to palliate public anger.
22. The band-aid solution only served to palliate the issue temporarily.
23. He used humor to palliate the discomfort of the situation.
24. The company offered compensation to palliate customer complaints.
25. Their efforts to palliate the housing crisis were insufficient.



alleviate, aggravate, worsen, intensify


SAT 11 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Alleviation and Relief, Treatment and Medicine

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