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How to pronounce plentitude (audio)

Dictionary definition of plentitude

A state or condition of abundance, fullness, or plentifulness.
"The farmers' market was bursting with a plentitude of fresh fruits and vegetables."

Detailed meaning of plentitude

It signifies a large quantity or a significant amount of something. Plentitude conveys a sense of plenty or ample supply, suggesting that there is an abundance or profusion of a particular resource, substance, or quality. It can be used to describe a broad range of contexts, such as the plentitude of opportunities in a thriving market, the plentitude of ideas in a brainstorming session, or the plentitude of resources in a well-stocked pantry. The term implies a state of sufficiency and abundance, often evoking positive connotations of wealth, prosperity, or gratification. Plentitude represents a desirable state in which needs are met, options are available, and satisfaction is achieved.

Example sentences containing plentitude

1. The art gallery showcased a plentitude of stunning paintings from various artists.
2. After the rain, the garden bloomed with a plentitude of colorful flowers.
3. The buffet offered a plentitude of delicious dishes to satisfy every palate.
4. The library had a plentitude of books on diverse topics, catering to readers of all interests.
5. The department store boasted a plentitude of options for shoppers, from clothing to electronics.
6. The bakery displayed a plentitude of mouthwatering pastries, tempting customers with their sweet aromas.

History and etymology of plentitude

The noun 'plentitude' has its etymological origins in Latin, specifically from the word 'plenus,' which means full or complete. This Latin term was used to express a state of being filled to capacity or possessing an abundance of something. In the transition to Old French, 'plenus' evolved into 'plenté,' which meant plenty or abundance. From Old French, the word made its way into Middle English as 'plentee' or 'plente,' both signifying abundance or fullness. Over time, 'plentitude' emerged as a derivative to describe the state or condition of abundance, fullness, or plentifulness. Its etymology highlights the historical continuity of this concept of richness and abundance from Latin through various stages of the English language, emphasizing the idea of being filled to capacity or having an ample supply of something.

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Further usage examples of plentitude

1. The hotel room was adorned with a plentitude of plush pillows, ensuring a comfortable night's sleep.
2. The conference featured a plentitude of expert speakers, sharing their insights on various subjects.
3. The beach offered a plentitude of activities, from swimming to beach volleyball, for visitors to enjoy.
4. The wildlife reserve was home to a plentitude of diverse species, providing a rich ecosystem.
5. The entrepreneur's business thrived due to a plentitude of loyal customers who valued their products.
6. The plentitude of ripe fruits in the orchard was a sight to behold.
7. Her garden boasted a plentitude of colorful flowers.
8. The city's plentitude of parks provided ample green spaces.
9. The buffet's plentitude of options left everyone satisfied.
10. The plentitude of art in the museum captivated visitors.
11. A plentitude of books lined the library's shelves.
12. The plentitude of stars in the night sky was breathtaking.
13. The plentitude of donations helped the charity thrive.
14. A plentitude of resources facilitated our research.
15. The plentitude of laughter at the party was infectious.
16. The plentitude of fish in the lake made fishing easy.
17. His plentitude of knowledge on the subject was impressive.
18. The plentitude of opportunities in the city drew people in.
19. The plentitude of snow in the mountains excited skiers.
20. The plentitude of job offers was a relief after graduation.
21. She marveled at the plentitude of wildlife in the national park.
22. The plentitude of sunshine during the trip was rejuvenating.
23. The plentitude of ingredients in the kitchen inspired creativity.
24. The plentitude of colors in the sunset painted the sky.
25. The plentitude of love in their relationship was evident to all.



abundance, scarcity, lack, deficiency


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