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How to pronounce prequel (audio)


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Dictionary definition of prequel

A work of art, such as a movie, book, or television series, that is set in a time period that precedes the events of a previous work.
"Fans of the book were thrilled to hear that a prequel was in the works."


Detailed meaning of prequel

Typically, a prequel tells the story of characters or events that are referenced or alluded to in the original work, providing background information and context for the audience. Prequels can be used to explore the origins of a character, the history of a setting, or the causes of a conflict, among other things. Like sequels, prequels are often created because of the success and popularity of the original work, as they allow creators to expand on the world they have created and offer new insights into the story. However, prequels can also be challenging to create, as they must be consistent with the events and characters of the original work while still offering something new and interesting to the audience. When done well, prequels can enhance the overall story and deepen the audience's appreciation and understanding of the original work.

Example sentences containing prequel

1. The studio announced plans for a prequel to the popular movie franchise.
2. The prequel explored the backstory of the main character, revealing surprising details.
3. The prequel was set decades before the events of the original movie.
4. The game developer released a prequel to their popular game, allowing players to experience the story from a different perspective.
5. The author wrote a prequel to her best-selling novel, much to the delight of her fans.
6. The prequel introduced new characters and expanded on the existing ones.

History and etymology of prequel

The noun 'prequel' is a relatively modern term, and its etymology is a blend of 'pre-' meaning 'before' and 'sequel.' 'Pre-' is derived from Latin and signifies 'before,' while 'sequel' comes from the Latin word 'sequela,' which means 'a following' or 'sequel.' The combination of these elements gives us 'prequel,' describing a work of art, such as a movie, book, or television series, that is set in a time period preceding the events of a previous work. 'Prequels' have become a common storytelling technique in modern media, allowing creators to explore the backstory of established narratives. Although 'prequel' is a relatively recent addition to the English language, it neatly encapsulates the concept of a narrative that comes before a previously told story, as suggested by its linguistic components.

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Further usage examples of prequel

1. The prequel was widely criticized for retconning important details from the original story.
2. The studio struggled to find the right actor to play the younger version of the main character in the prequel.
3. The prequel received mixed reviews from critics, with some praising its ambition and others finding it unnecessary.
4. The prequel's release was delayed several times, much to the frustration of eager fans.
5. The prequel's surprise twist ending left viewers wondering what would happen next.
6. The prequel to the famous novel explores the early life of the protagonist.
7. The movie serves as a prequel, revealing the origin story of the superhero.
8. Fans eagerly awaited the release of the prequel to their favorite video game.
9. The television series introduced a prequel to the iconic fantasy saga.
10. The prequel delves into the history of the ancient civilization depicted in the original film.
11. He enjoyed reading the prequel, which shed light on the backstory of the main character.
12. The prequel to the popular TV show explores the origins of its fictional universe.
13. The prequel movie provides context for the events that transpired in the original.
14. The prequel novel reveals the untold adventures of a beloved side character.
15. The prequel episode of the series explores the characters' pasts in depth.
16. The prequel comic book series offers a fresh perspective on the superhero's early years.
17. The prequel to the classic novel unveils the history of the story's enchanted world.
18. The prequel film focuses on the rise of the villain before the hero's arrival.
19. The prequel book trilogy is a prelude to the epic fantasy series.
20. The prequel to the blockbuster movie explores the origins of the conflict.
21. The video game's prequel is set in a different era, featuring new characters.
22. The prequel to the hit series introduces viewers to a younger version of the protagonist.
23. The prequel novel allows readers to immerse themselves in the historical context.
24. The prequel movie serves as a bridge between two distinct story arcs.
25. The prequel episode of the show explores the characters' past relationships.



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