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How to pronounce provident (audio)

Dictionary definition of provident

Careful, wise, and prudent in managing resources, anticipating future needs, and making sensible decisions for long-term security and well-being.
"Her provident nature led her to save a portion of her income for emergencies."

Detailed meaning of provident

A provident person exhibits foresight and takes proactive steps to ensure their financial, material, or personal affairs are in order. They prioritize saving, budgeting, and investing wisely to create a stable and secure future. Being provident involves being mindful of potential risks, preparing for contingencies, and making informed choices based on thoughtful consideration. This adjective can also extend beyond financial matters to encompass a general sense of preparedness, self-reliance, and responsible planning in all areas of life. A provident individual understands the importance of building reserves, maintaining a safety net, and making choices that will yield positive outcomes over time.

Example sentences containing provident

1. Being provident, he invested in a diverse portfolio to secure his financial future.
2. The company's provident policies ensured that employees had access to retirement benefits.
3. They took a provident approach by setting aside funds for their children's education.
4. A provident mindset helped her avoid unnecessary debt and live within her means.
5. The provident decision to purchase insurance protected them against unforeseen circumstances.
6. His provident habits allowed him to weather financial downturns without much difficulty.

History and etymology of provident

The adjective 'provident' draws its etymological origins from the Latin word 'providens,' which is formed from 'pro,' meaning 'for' or 'in advance,' and 'videre,' meaning 'to see' or 'to foresee.' This etymology beautifully encapsulates the concept of being careful, wise, and prudent in managing resources and making decisions. A provident individual is one who looks forward and anticipates future needs, demonstrating the ability to see ahead and prepare for them. The term underscores the importance of foresight and careful planning for long-term security and well-being, highlighting the idea of looking beyond the immediate and being proactive in securing one's future.

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Further usage examples of provident

1. The provident family always had a well-stocked pantry for any unexpected situations.
2. By being provident with resources, she reduced waste and embraced sustainable living.
3. The provident traveler carried extra supplies and emergency provisions during their adventures.
4. Being provident, they planned their expenses carefully, avoiding unnecessary splurges.
5. The provident couple saved diligently for their dream home, patiently waiting for the right opportunity.
6. Her provident nature prompted her to research before making major purchases.
7. The provident decision to start a rainy-day fund gave them a sense of financial security.
8. Being provident with their time, they carefully prioritized tasks and commitments.
9. Jane's provident financial planning ensured a comfortable retirement.
10. The provident farmer saved his harvest for leaner times.
11. Being provident, she invested wisely in her children's education.
12. The provident CEO steered the company through economic downturns.
13. His provident investments yielded steady, long-term growth.
14. Provident decisions led to a thriving community center.
15. Sarah's provident nature made her an excellent treasurer.
16. The provident couple saved for their dream home patiently.
17. Their provident choices led to a debt-free lifestyle.
18. A provident approach helped the company weather crises.
19. The provident student always budgeted for emergencies.
20. Provident planning allowed the town to expand its services.
21. The provident leader guided the organization to success.
22. His provident actions benefited generations to come.
23. The provident manager protected the company's assets.
24. Being provident, she bought insurance for peace of mind.
25. Provident habits ensured a secure financial future.



thrifty, wasteful, imprudent, spendthrift


Utility and Advancement, Care and Nurture, Caution and Prudence, Diligence and Thoroughness, Wisdom and Understanding, Tactical Maneuvers and Control, Prediction and Foresight

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