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entertain, bore, disinterest, tire


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How to pronounce regale (audio)


Dictionary definition of regale

To entertain or amuse someone, typically by telling stories or describing experiences.
"The tour guide would regale tourists with historical facts and interesting anecdotes."

Detailed meaning of regale

It can refer to the process of providing someone with entertainment or pleasure, or to the process of enjoying something oneself. The term can also be used more broadly to describe something that is particularly enjoyable or pleasing, or that provides a sense of pleasure or delight. In general, something or someone that is regaled is able to provide enjoyment or pleasure, and is able to create a sense of delight in those who experience it.

Example sentences containing regale

1. He loved to regale his friends with stories of his adventures.
2. The guest speaker regaled the audience with tales of his travels around the world.
3. The grandmother would often regale her grandchildren with stories from her childhood.
4. The author's latest book would regale readers with tales of mystery and intrigue.
5. The comedian would regale the audience with jokes and humorous anecdotes.
6. The chef would regale diners with a variety of delicious dishes and exotic flavors.

History and etymology of regale

The verb 'regale' has an etymology rooted in French. It is derived from the Old French word 'regaler,' which originally meant 'to entertain with sumptuous food and drink' or 'to feast.' This Old French term traces its origins to the Latin word 'regalis,' meaning 'royal' or 'regal,' emphasizing the idea of providing royal or lavish entertainment. Over time, the meaning of 'regale' expanded beyond the context of feasting to include the act of entertaining or amusing someone, typically by telling stories or describing experiences. Thus, the etymology of 'regale' reflects its historical association with extravagant hospitality and entertainment, which has evolved to encompass a broader sense of delighting and entertaining others through various means, as conveyed by its linguistic heritage.

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Further usage examples of regale

1. The musician would regale audiences with beautiful melodies and soulful lyrics.
2. The bartender would regale patrons with tales of famous drinkers and their drinks.
3. The teacher would regale her students with fascinating stories from the past.
4. The party host would regale guests with a variety of entertainment and activities.
5. The veteran would regale his family with stories from his time in the military.
6. He would regale us with tales of his adventures in far-off lands.
7. She regaled the audience with her captivating storytelling.
8. The old sailor loved to regale his grandchildren with sea legends.
9. At the campfire, they would regale each other with ghost stories.
10. The comedian never failed to regale the crowd with his humor.
11. We gathered around to hear him regale us with his childhood escapades.
12. The storyteller would regale the children with fairy tales.
13. He regaled his friends with the hilarious mishaps of his latest trip.
14. The author's memoirs regale readers with a glimpse into her life.
15. The veteran regaled the newcomers with war stories.
16. They would regale the group with accounts of their epic road trip.
17. The raconteur knew how to regale the audience with wit and charm.
18. He regaled us with anecdotes of his encounters with famous personalities.
19. The explorer would regale the listeners with tales of his discoveries.
20. She loved to regale her family with stories of her youth.
21. The tour guide regaled the tourists with historical anecdotes.
22. As the evening wore on, they continued to regale each other with jokes.
23. The campfire was the perfect setting to regale one another with adventures.
24. The comedian's stand-up routine never failed to regale the audience.
25. The elderly couple would regale their grandchildren with love stories from their youth.

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