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How to pronounce amenable (audio)


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Dictionary definition of amenable

Willing to cooperate, comply or be responsive to suggestions or requests.
"He is generally amenable to others' suggestions when working on group projects."

Detailed meaning of amenable

It can also refer to something that is easy to deal with or manage.

In terms of people, it is used to describe individuals who are easy to work with, approachable, and willing to listen and consider others' ideas and opinions. In this context, amenable people are often described as being open-minded, flexible and adaptable.

In terms of things, amenable can describe a situation or a thing that is easy to adjust or change, that can be managed or controlled without too much difficulty. It also can be used to describe a system or a process that is easy to understand and follow, and can be modified if needed.

In general, the term implies a certain level of cooperation, adaptability, and flexibility, and has a positive connotation.

Example sentences containing amenable

1. She is amenable to trying new foods and loves exploring different cuisines.
2. The team found the client surprisingly amenable to their proposed changes.
3. The manager is amenable to flexible work arrangements for her employees.
4. John is amenable to compromise in order to resolve conflicts peacefully.
5. As an amenable student, she eagerly accepted feedback and worked to improve.
6. The community members were amenable to the idea of a neighborhood cleanup.

History and etymology of amenable

The adjective 'amenable' originates from the Latin word 'amenabilis,' which is derived from 'amoenus,' meaning 'pleasant' or 'agreeable.' In Latin, 'amenabilis' conveyed the idea of being pleasant or agreeable in disposition, making it easy for people to get along with or work with. In English, 'amenable' was adopted in the 18th century to describe individuals who are willing to cooperate, comply, or be responsive to suggestions or requests, often with a pleasant and agreeable attitude. The etymology of 'amenable' underscores its historical connection to the notion of being open and receptive to guidance or influence, emphasizing a willingness to collaborate and accommodate the needs or preferences of others.

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Further usage examples of amenable

1. The cat proved to be more amenable to training than expected.
2. The company's policies are amenable to regular updates based on employee feedback.
3. The mayor is amenable to meeting with concerned citizens to address their issues.
4. The teacher is amenable to adjusting the curriculum to meet students' needs.
5. She is amenable to adjusting her schedule to accommodate family events.
6. The team found a solution that everyone was amenable to during the meeting.
7. Despite his initial reluctance, he eventually became amenable to the idea.
8. The restaurant staff was amenable to customizing orders to accommodate dietary restrictions.
9. The project manager is amenable to discussing potential improvements.
10. The government officials were amenable to considering new environmental regulations.
11. The young couple was amenable to seeking couples therapy to improve their relationship.
12. The employee is amenable to taking on additional responsibilities at work.
13. The board of directors is amenable to revising the company's mission statement.
14. He is amenable to compromise, making negotiations smoother.
15. She proved amenable to the idea of trying a new restaurant.
16. The team found him highly amenable to constructive feedback.
17. The company's flexible policy made employees amenable to change.
18. They are amenable to adjusting the schedule to accommodate others.
19. Her amenable attitude made group projects enjoyable.
20. The manager is amenable to discussing innovative solutions.
21. The board members are amenable to exploring cost-saving measures.
22. Being amenable to new ideas fosters creativity in the workplace.
23. The politician's amenable stance on reform gained popularity.
24. The team found the client surprisingly amenable to our proposal.



cooperative, uncooperative, stubborn, resistant


Suffix -able, GRE 2 (Graduate Record Examination), SAT 14 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Composure and Amiability

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