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How to pronounce impish (audio)

Dictionary definition of impish

Possessing a mischievous, playful, or teasing nature.
"Her impish nature made her the life of the party, always ready with a clever joke or prank."

Detailed meaning of impish

It suggests a sense of lighthearted mischief and a tendency to engage in pranks, tricks, or playful antics. An impish individual often exhibits a spark of spontaneity and a gleeful enjoyment of causing harmless trouble or stirring up playful chaos. This adjective conveys a sense of whimsy and a childlike charm, as if the person or entity labeled as impish is perpetually up to some sort of mischief. Whether it's a mischievous grin, a twinkle in the eye, or a knack for clever and playful behavior, being impish implies a willingness to break away from convention and inject a sense of fun and liveliness into any situation. It is a descriptor often associated with endearing and cheeky behavior, adding an element of charm and delight to one's character or demeanor.

Example sentences containing impish

1. The impish child couldn't resist pulling pranks on his siblings, leaving them giggling and exasperated.
2. With a mischievous glint in his eye, he wore an impish smile that hinted at his playful nature.
3. The impish puppy darted around the room, stealing socks and toys with a wagging tail.
4. She played the impish trickster, hiding behind doors and surprising her friends with playful antics.
5. The impish sprite danced through the forest, leaving a trail of laughter in its wake.
6. His impish sense of humor often led to hilarious and unexpected situations.

History and etymology of impish

The adjective 'impish' is thought to be derived from the noun 'imp,' which has a somewhat uncertain etymology but is believed to have Old English and Middle English origins. An 'imp' historically referred to a small, mischievous demon or supernatural creature. Over time, the term evolved to describe someone or something with a playful, teasing, or mischievous nature. 'Impish' retains this sense, emphasizing a sense of lighthearted mischief and playfulness. While the exact etymology of 'imp' remains somewhat elusive, the word 'impish' is well-established in describing individuals or actions characterized by a sense of playful mischief or teasing behavior.

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Further usage examples of impish

1. The impish fairy sprinkled pixie dust, causing a cascade of giggles wherever it landed.
2. With an impish grin, he handed her a fake bug, causing her to shriek in surprise.
3. The impish mischief-maker snuck into the kitchen and swapped the sugar with salt, resulting in a comical disaster.
4. The impish charm of the street performer entertained passersby, who couldn't help but smile at his playful tricks.
5. The impish little boy used his imagination to turn mundane situations into playful adventures.
6. Her impish grin gave away her mischievous intentions.
7. The impish child hid behind the curtains, giggling.
8. His impish sense of humor always lightened the mood.
9. She wore an impish expression, ready for some fun.
10. The impish kitten batted at the dangling string.
11. His impish charm won over everyone at the party.
12. The impish twinkle in her eyes hinted at a prank.
13. He had an impish habit of leaving funny notes.
14. The impish breeze tousled her hair as she laughed.
15. His impish antics kept the class entertained.
16. The impish elf danced through the forest, playing tricks.
17. She had an impish way of making even dull tasks fun.
18. Their impish banter livened up the evening.
19. The impish puppy chewed on everything in sight.
20. His impish wit was both endearing and exasperating.
21. She delivered an impish wink before disappearing.
22. The impish impromptu dance caught everyone off guard.
23. His impish sense of adventure led to unexpected places.
24. The impish duo plotted their next great adventure.
25. Her impish curiosity led her into amusing situations.



mischievous, serious, solemn, earnest


Prefix im-, Suffix -ish, SAT 4 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Discipline and Self-Control, Comedy and Silliness

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