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How to pronounce imponderable (audio)


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Dictionary definition of imponderable

Cannot be measured, weighed, or evaluated using traditional methods.
"The imponderable beauty of the sunset left us speechless."


Detailed meaning of imponderable

It refers to intangible or abstract qualities that cannot be quantified or analyzed using scientific or objective criteria. Imponderable concepts may include ideas, emotions, or experiences that are difficult to define or understand precisely. For example, the value of a work of art or the impact of a cultural tradition may be imponderable, as they are subjective and dependent on individual interpretation. The term "imponderable" is often used in philosophical or spiritual contexts to describe the ineffable qualities of the human experience that cannot be fully understood or explained by empirical observation or analysis.

Example sentences containing imponderable

1. Love is an imponderable force that can move mountains.
2. The success of a business can depend on imponderable factors like luck and timing.
3. The value of a piece of art is often imponderable and subjective.
4. The imponderable mysteries of the universe continue to fascinate scientists.
5. Happiness is an imponderable emotion that can vary greatly from person to person.
6. The impact of a cultural tradition on society can be imponderable but significant.

History and etymology of imponderable

The adjective 'imponderable' has its etymological origins in Latin and French. It can be traced back to the Latin word 'ponderare,' which means 'to weigh' or 'to consider.' The prefix 'im-' in this context signifies negation, so 'imponderable' suggests something that cannot be weighed or measured. The term was later adopted into French as 'impondérable' and eventually made its way into English. When we describe something as 'imponderable,' we are emphasizing its intangible nature, suggesting that it cannot be evaluated or assessed using traditional methods of measurement or assessment, often because it involves abstract or elusive qualities that defy quantification.

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Further usage examples of imponderable

1. The imponderable risks of a new investment strategy make it difficult to predict success.
2. The imponderable nature of the universe often leaves astronomers awestruck.
3. It's an imponderable question whether true peace can ever be achieved.
4. Despite the imponderable challenges, they resolved to climb the mountain.
5. There is an imponderable mystique surrounding ancient cultures.
6. The love she felt for her children was imponderable, deep beyond measure.
7. After pondering for hours, he realized that the complexity of human emotions was imponderable.
8. Quantum physics grapples with imponderable concepts and perplexing theories.
9. The imponderable depth of the ocean hides millions of undiscovered species.
10. He sensed an imponderable sadness in her eyes.
11. Her courage in the face of imponderable odds was inspiring.
12. The universe's size is imponderable, stretching beyond what we can comprehend.
13. Faced with an imponderable decision, she felt paralyzed by indecision.
14. The detective found himself wrapped in an imponderable mystery.
15. An imponderable silence hung in the room after her shocking revelation.
16. His artwork is a labyrinth of imponderable symbols and hidden meanings.
17. Her eyes reflected an imponderable depth of wisdom and experience.
18. The imponderable beauty of the stars leaves me speechless every time I look up.
19. In life, we often face imponderable questions about our purpose and existence.
20. There's an imponderable joy that comes with helping others in need.



incomprehensible, measurable, assessable, quantifiable


Suffix -able, SAT 2 (Scholastic Assessment Test), High School 8, Puzzlement and Perplexity

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