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Examples of 'abolition' in a Sentence

1. The political party promised the abolition of tuition fees for higher education if elected.
2. The community is fighting for the abolition of discriminatory practices in their town.
3. Many historians believe that the abolition movement played a crucial role in shaping modern society.
4. The abolition of the death penalty in many states has been a topic of debate for years.
5. The conference focused on the abolition of trade barriers among the participating countries.
6. The abolition of slavery was a significant milestone in history.
7. The activists fought tirelessly for the abolition of capital punishment.
8. The government passed a law calling for the abolition of child labor.
9. The abolition of discriminatory policies brought about greater equality.
10. The movement called for the abolition of animal testing in cosmetics.
11. The society rallied for the abolition of racial segregation.
12. The abolition of the monarchy marked a shift towards a republic.
13. The conference discussed the challenges and benefits of the abolition of nuclear weapons.
14. The abolition of oppressive regimes brought hope to the oppressed.
15. The activists celebrated the abolition of the death penalty in their country.
16. The organization campaigned for the abolition of gender-based violence.
17. The abolition of outdated laws allowed for progress and innovation.

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