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Examples of 'amiable' in a Sentence


1. The amiable receptionist greeted guests with a cheerful hello.
2. They had an amiable conversation over dinner.
3. Her amiable demeanor made her a beloved teacher.
4. The amiable puppy eagerly wagged its tail.
5. An amiable co-worker can improve the work environment.
6. He's known for his amiable and caring personality.
7. Their amiable banter filled the room with laughter.
8. The amiable atmosphere at the party put everyone at ease.
9. An amiable boss fosters a positive work culture.
10. She has an amiable way of resolving conflicts.
11. The amiable old man shared stories with eager children.
12. An amiable approach can resolve misunderstandings peacefully.
13. The amiable exchange of ideas led to a productive meeting.
14. We enjoyed an amiable walk in the park together.
15. Sarah is always cheerful and amiable, making her a joy to be around.
16. The host greeted us with an amiable smile and made us feel welcome.
17. The amiable couple next door always lends a helping hand to their neighbors.
18. Our new coworker is incredibly amiable, and we quickly became friends.
19. The amiable cashier at the store made the shopping experience enjoyable.
20. Despite the stress of the situation, he remained amiable and calm.
21. The amiable conversation flowed effortlessly as we shared stories and laughter.
22. Our amiable tour guide provided interesting information and made the trip memorable.
23. She has an amiable nature and easily connects with people from all walks of life.
24. The team appreciated his amiable leadership style, fostering a positive work environment.
25. The amiable old man always had a kind word for everyone he met.

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