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Examples of 'careful' in a Sentence

1. The detective examined the crime scene with careful attention to detail.
2. The writer proofread the manuscript with careful scrutiny for any spelling or grammatical errors.
3. She handled the fragile china teacup with careful gentleness.
4. The scientist conducted a series of careful experiments to test the hypothesis.
5. The accountant reviewed the financial statements with careful analysis to detect any discrepancies.
6. The careful driver obeyed all traffic rules on the icy road.
7. She was careful not to spill the hot coffee on her lap.
8. The detective conducted a careful examination of the crime scene.
9. The surgeon performed the procedure with careful precision.
10. He made a careful decision after weighing all the options.
11. The hiker took careful steps along the narrow mountain trail.
12. The artist paid careful attention to every detail in her painting.
13. The architect drafted a careful blueprint for the new building.
14. The chef was careful not to overcook the delicate seafood.
15. The accountant double-checked the financial records for errors.
16. The teacher gave careful instructions for the science experiment.
17. She wrote a careful letter to express her gratitude.
18. The parent was careful to childproof the entire house.
19. The researcher conducted a careful analysis of the data.
20. The babysitter was careful to follow the parents' rules.
21. The programmer wrote careful code to prevent bugs.
22. The mountain climber took careful precautions for safety.
23. The lawyer gave a careful review of the legal documents.
24. The captain issued careful orders to navigate the storm.
25. The historian conducted careful research for the book.


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